WinAmp for Android Adds Wireless Mac Syncing, $5 Pro Version for Equalizer, FLAC and Crossfade/Gapless Playback


The good people at WinAmp have reportedly issued a significant upgrade to their Android application to add a lot of the features that kept many from making it their default music playing application. Common to all users is the ability to wirelessly sync your music library between Android and Mac OS, a feature only previously available to Windows users.

Aside that biggie, here come a few more. For $5, WinAmp will allow you to purchase a “pro” version of the application that’ll bring oft-desired features such as FLAC support, gapless playback, crossfading, a 10 band equalizer feature and more. We can’t exactly find this scrumptious piece of llama in the Android market yet but keep your eyes on the market and let us know if you’re able to find it in due time.  [via LifeHacker]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I find it mildly annoying that “gapless playback” is a feature they charge for.

  2. I like a tight gap ;-)

  3. “It really whips the llama’s ass!” but not for $5 bones!

    1. It’s not worth $5 for an application that adds significant features, and that you would probably use frequently? You’ll spend more than $5 on one trip to Taco Bell.

      1. Actually at TB i spent under 5 yesterday and got a little more than i needed…proved today in the RR! I wouldn’t mind paying .99 or 1.99, but $5 is a little steep for crossfading and 10band eq, etc.

  4. I’ll keep with Double Twist

  5. Too little, too late. PowerAmp 2.0 for Android is in beta 3 and likely will be released within a few weeks. Version 1.4 of PowerAmp already has all of the features WinAmp is touting.

    PowerAmp for the WIN!

    1. Agree. WinAmp missed its opportunity to build a solid base of users because they released a crappy app that didn’t include standard WinAmp features. It also never recognized the internal storage on my Incredible, so it was useless.

      The cloud-based (AmazonMP3, GoogleMusic) and streaming players (Spotify, Pandora, Slacker) are where it’s at and WinAmp missed the bus.

      1. yeah, how stupid can their dev team be. NO FOLDER PLAY…. really? wtf… pisses me off the more I think about it lol.


    2. I like both PowerAmp and PlayerPro and cannot decide which to go with now that they have very VERY similar feature sets.

  6. PlayerPro FTW!

  7. The article is misleading. What NullSoft is touting is WinAmp for Mac, not WinAmp for Android.

    Mac users didn’t have a version of WinAmp before, so the Wireless sync feature in the WinAmp Android application was useless.

  8. Are there any players that let you choose which folders to scan for MP3s? I hate trying to navigate around my ringtones, and don’t necessarily want to set up playlists.

    never Mind… Just Checked out Power Amp. Perfect.

    1. You can also just drop a “.nomusic” file in the folders that contain your notification/ringtone/alarms and they won’t show up in most music players.

  9. Wow, not much love for WinAmp here :). I’m relatively new to Android, but have used WinAmp for a while, so this actually sounds pretty good to me. I tried the PowerAmp that everyone seems to love, but the didn’t care much for the UI. The new Pro features for WinAmp (gapless … yea!) sound worth it to me … but I may be in the minority here.

    1. People aren’t saying that WinAmp Android is bad, just that they’re miffed that Nullsoft is so late to the game bringing these features.

      I’ve used the app off and on (because I use the desktop version as well) but found the wireless sync feature to be somewhat lacking, I missed the equalizer from PowerAMP and PlayerPro, and the UI felt a bit bland.

      Though as far as free versions go, I’d say it’s the best. It’s only when you consider the premium versions that it get’s beat by PlayerPro and PowerAMP.

      …also doubleTwist’s android app isn’t half bad either…not as feature rich as the others but it’s damn pretty.

  10. Mixzing is the best, I dont like the way poweramp is impossible to close, and love the lyrics / biographies / folder play etc… worth BUYING

  11. It would be nice if there were any Android devices (save for those old Archos PMPs) that had an HDD. I don’t have a particularly large FLAC collection, and it’s easily 90Gb.

    1. I switched back to mp3s after being fed up not being able to find some of the music I wanted in FLAC form.

      Is there some store online that has a huge repository of FLAC format music I could browse. I’m considering getting back into FLACs due to native support in ICS.

      1. has a lot of concert bootlegs in FLAC.

        I mostly use it for CD rips, though. Had too many CDs stolen over the years, I want a full backup.

  12. They need to allow internal memory storage and fix the disappearing playlists before I will consider buying.

  13. I’m pretty sure in ICS FLAC support is native. Which make one less reason to upgrade to the Pro version, provided you’re intent on upgrading to an ICS device…like I am.

    I’ll stick with PlayerPro for now. It’s got pretty much everything I want/need in a media player.

    1. I remember playing FLAC on my G1… Still not sure why nobody else has had it.

  14. Download the free version, and it is an in app purchase. Becareful, if you don’t like it, you are out of luck, no refund for it…not even the 15 minute opportunity to try it.

  15. I have and love power amp too, but seriously miss Shoutcast

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