OfficeSuite Pro 5 is Today’s Amazon Free Paid App of the Day


While we’ve stopped highlighting each and every free paid app of the day from Amazon, we felt this one was big enough to warrant attention. They’re offering OfficeSuite Pro 5 for Android. While there may be better options in the Android market, when you consider the fact that this is a $15 value it can’t be beat.

You’re getting the ability to create, edit and view MS Word and Excel documents, as well as the ability to view Powerpoint slideshows and .PDF files. There’s Google Docs integration if you’re into that sort of thing. If you want/need an office suite and don’t want to pay for one, you might as well download it. [Amazon]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Just picked it up. Seems to work pretty well on my DX.

  2. Awesome…thank you for this!!!

  3. *sigh*

    Why can’t Amazon App Store be in the UK!?

  4. Not sure if anyone else sees this, but I tried to install on both my Asus Transformer and on my DroidX. Both devices fail with a message “To purchase OfficeSuite 5, please add a payment method to your 1-click settings”. If it’s free, I don’t need to add a payment method. I’ve downloaded lots of apps from Amazon’s pick-of-the-day before.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    1. Yes, and I turned that settings on and it still won’t work for me.

    2. Reboot your phone and try again.

    3. I had that a week or so ago. Even though it’s free it still processes it as a sale, so it needs a credit card. Sometimes the settings go wonky and it loses your payment setup. Just go to the site and redo it.

    4. I had to add a credit card when I downloaded Angry Birds Rio, the first app of the day

    5. Just go to amazon appstore online and “buy” it there…it works that way no problem

  5. Nice office suite, especially for free. Just in time for National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo).

    1. Oh geez, it is November, isn’t it? Man, I should actually do it this year. What is the word count, 50k?

  6. got the same 1 click error – odd. Never happened before

  7. I had a problem with the one-click working for me. I eventually navigated back to the main FAOTD page and it worked. Here’s the link:

  8. Only trial version not free.

    1. It’s the PRO version and it IS free

  9. What claim code do you use so you don’t have to put in credit card info?

  10. Thanks for the heads up! Very useful :-)

  11. Downloaded it.

  12. It’s rediculous what they put you through to get a free app. My Credit card number for something free??? ><

    1. You don’t like it, don’t use it. How about you not complain about getting something for free.

    2. Do realize people do shopping on it. In order to have an account you add your payment information regardless of being charged or not.

    3. Agree. Free apps are meant to attract new customers but having to add a CC is stupid.

  13. Just tried it. It doesn’t make use of bookmarks in PDF’s. I have a lot of company manuals that are all bookmarked so this doesn’t work for me.

  14. Payment error. Need to hook a credit card up :/

  15. Payment error. Need to hook a vredit card up :/

  16. I’m installing it right now.

  17. Amazon App Store. Just like a garage sale and grabbing stuff I actually don’t need

  18. Its an issue with the 1 click. If you go to the full site all your credit card info is missing. They tell me they’re working on it…

  19. Can’t find a “word wrap” type option on the .pdf viewer in order to be able to zoom in and read a document without having to slide back and forth on my small-screen phone. Not sure if this is a deal breaker for me, but it might be. Document-to-Go has the option.

  20. Even has the more advanced functions like Vlookup…nice! Also is full screen on bigger phones like my Evo 3D.

  21. I can’t bring myself to steal another person’s creation when they get $0 for all the downloads on their app. I definitely like free stuff, but I want these developers to support Android and if 99% if Android users are considered cheap, then most likely we will see less and less quality apps on Android. I for one will go to the Android Market and pay for it.

    1. have fun

    2. The android developers whose app is chosen as the app of the day get paid quite handsomely, actually.

  22. thanks for the heads up, nice deal :-P

  23. looks like i am a day late and 5 dollars short …

  24. I looked today – and they are charging $4.99 for it.

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