Motorola Confirms Devices to Get Ice Cream Sandwich, Starting With RAZR, Bionic and XOOM


Motorola has announced the first few devices to get Ice Cream Sandwich sometime down the line. The Motorola DROID Bionic, Motorola DROID RAZR and the Motorola XOOM will all be getting the upgrade. They’ll be confirming other devices within six weeks of the source’s release. We wholly expect all of their dual-core devices to get the upgrade but we can’t get too excited about all of that. It’ll be interesting to see how long it will take them to deliver upgrades for each device. [Twitter via Android & Me]

Edited article for accuracy.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. First.

  2. Sounds to me more like they confirmed those 3 would get ICS. Also, within 6 weeks of the OS release, they will be able to tell us what other devices would be upgraded.

    1. You just made no sense at all.

      1. Actually, he made perfect sense. Get better reading comprehension.

        1. you mad bro?

          1. Sigh…

        2. Just look at his name, don’t feed the trolls.

          1. you hungry bro?

          2. Gay fag is gay?

    2. Agreed. The statement confirms that the Razr, Bionic, and Xoom will receive ICS. Then within 6 weeks of ICS being released, they’ll announce more devices that’ll receive ICS.

      It looks like this article interpreted the statement incorrectly.

    3. That’s exactly what the article says…

  3. I’ll believe this when I see it. And will they ruin it with Blur?

    1. hope so. stock android is dull. the new blur is one of the best UIs out there and the reason my next phone will most likely be another motorola.. from what ive seen so far itll be the Razr.

      1. I agree about stock Android….before Honeycomb and ICS.

        For phones ICS looks good enough to get rid of custom UI’s completely. I know me n you are in a small group that actually like the custom UI’s on Android…lol

  4. And monkeys might fly out of my butt! I’ll believe it when I see it!

  5. Quentyn, you definitely read that wrong. The tweet says that those three divices will get 4.0 but doesn’t give a date. The next sentence says that within 6 weeks, they will announce other phones that will get 4.0.


    1. gingerbread has been out for a while on the atrix? update that mofo

      1. Not everywhere.
        ATRIX MB860 Plan to provide upgrade to Gingerbread in Q4 2011.

      2. Exactly. In the US it had 2.3 available since Jun-Jul 2011.

  7. I just want to know the extent of the hardware acceleration in Android 4.0. If it’s just present in the browser and new apps created with the 4.0 SDK I will be highly disappointed and may consider other options. Lack of UI smoothness and battery life goes hand in hand in Android. Add full blown GPU acceleration across all facets of the platform and watch battery life drastically improve. I’ve been searching the web for days and still can’t find a clear answer. Does Android never intend to enable full blown GPU acceleration? Is this because they have to maintain a framework that works with OEMs who have lazy programmers and use crap hardware? This is all just too frustrating. I’m beginning to think that Google really only cares about advertising and not the quality of the Android user experience throughout. Don’t get me wrong, I think the UI and the features of ICS are amazing and unparalleled, however the lag needs to stop. I’ve discovered Samsung has taken it upon themselves to add GPU acceleration to the SGSII line with TouchWiz. Why can’t this be native in Android? Does anyone have an educated answer to this?

    1. I believe FULL hardware acceleration is built into ICS, and to have official google apps on your phone you have to code it so the software is fully accelerated by the hardware. Not 100% positive as I can’t remember where I heard that, but I’m pretty sure that it has it now.

  8. Those are two separate statements (notice the period in between them). I’ll break it down for you.

    Statement 1: The RAZR, Bionic, and XOOM will be upgraded to ICS (no date given).

    Statement 2: Within 6 weeks of the ICS source code being released we will announce if any other devices will be upgraded.

    1. Yes, this is correct.

  9. RAZR is looking better and better. Can’t wait for the real world reviews to start coming in.

  10. I’ve heard this before. I remember when 6 months after I bought my Milestone (which says “full flash in browser” on the box) it still couldn’t play flash.

    Pull the other one, Moto-troll-a

    1. ok, ‘moto-troll-a’ made me laugh.


    2. Right…like the Milestone is the ONLY Motorola Android phone in existence…

      Just like overseas versions of the Galaxy S 1 got updated very quickly and US versions werent…you cant judge how a company updates phones based on 1 model or where in the world they update phones faster.

      US Droid 1 owners, Droid X1 owners, Atrix owners are happy about updates. Dont know too much about the other Moto phones.

  11. Ah it appears I did read it wrong then. Thanks!

    EDIT – I would also like to thank you guys for correcting me in a respectful manner. That goes a long way toward making my day!

    1. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!

  12. Will be interesting to see how long it takes them to push out an ics update.

  13. So when they do upgrade the devises to ICS will moto still keep there crappy camera app? Or will it be the the no shutter Camera on the ICS??? Would really like to know cause I dont really like the Cameras on Motos phones.. They are so damn slow, but O love Motos build quality..

    1. Dude, original moto droid had like a 1 year life before the touch screen became a spazzy mess. I know, I had 2. Both spazzy touch screens,

  14. Bah! If you still have froyo on your Atrix then you’re an idiot and you need to go back to a pager. Because you’re not smart enough to own anything more complex than that

    1. Who said anything about Froyo you stupid Mexican. Maybe you should worry more about la migra and gardening and less about shit you know nothing about.

  15. No photon love?

  16. And now, with Bionic in hand, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I really wanted to hold out until the Galaxy Nexus, but my OG Droid couldn’t hold on any longer, so I grabbed the Bionic on day one. I’ve been happy with that decision and now I’m even happier. Here’s to hoping they do it in a timely fashion.

    1. I was gonna go for the transformer 2 but if my xoom gets ics before it that would be great .

  17. What bout my Atrix?

  18. either this post is not public, or it has been deleted!

  19. OMG!!! How come the ATRIX not going to the upgrades for ICS

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