Google’s Music Store Could Launch this Week, Google+ Sharing Seems Likely

Sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal are taking Andy Rubin’s statements from last week a bit further. Google’s music download store is said to be launching sometime in the next two weeks, with a chance we could see the new service by the end of the week. Rubin confirmed in statements during his appears at the AsiaD conference last week that a digital download store would be launching soon, adding that a “twist” could be expected. Was that twist, perhaps, the addition of Google+ sharing? The feature is mentioned in the latest WSJ report, a system that would allow users to share a purchased track with others in their circle.The shared track would have a limited number of free plays.

It is such sharing combined with a cloud storage model that has major labels still in dispute. It is likely Google will launch their music store without the support of all the main music houses. EMI seems likely for launch, with Universal possibly working out a deal shortly after, but Sony and Warner aren’t biting after concerns of privacy revolving around the cloud storage locker. Google has focused efforts on independent labels in the wake of poor major label response.

[via WSJ]

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  • JD

    Probably why Google TV update has been delayed.

  • Rob Reder

    They’re concerned about Google’s cloud service yet didn’t bat an eyelid at Apple’s cloud service? What gives?

    • Dean Politis

      That is because iCloud is a half-assed implementation of a cloud service. Its purpose is just to sync your devices with physical copies of your music. There is no playing music from the cloud.

      Amazon’s implementation is more like Google. However, Amazon is in a better position that Google to negotiate with the record labels since Amazon sells both CDs and MP3s.

    • blaque_prince

      From what I saw elsewhere Sony didn’t like that Google admits theres piracy on YouTube. I think the other holdout was concerned about pirated music being allowed to be uploaded or shared or some crap.

  • Christopher Seavey

    Eh, eff the majors. It’s not much of an issue to buy from Amazon and sync to Google. Or even buy from a locally owned brick and mortar and rip, then sync. I can more about the freedom of Google Music than anything.

    • Dwayne Wilkinson

      Kudos for not mentioning [sh]iTunes :)

  • tjpeco

    Amazon and Apple’s cloud storage is just fine and dandy, but Google’s ISN’T?

    I smell a rat and its odor has a fruity scent to it.

    • JMcGee

      I don’t think that’s it at all. Google are just not as willing to give in to the demands of content providers. They’ve always taken the position that if they can’t get companies to agree to terms they like, then they find a way to go forward without them.

  • acey_zero

    I mainly just care about what the price per track will be…

  • MuhammadJamshedMinhas

    great service by google. i love it. is fully appreciate this service.

  • A6sinthe

    So, no one considered the possibility that Andy is referring to integration with DoubleTwist, the only service that works like iTunes music but for all phones? A music store doesn’t work without a system to sort and store music files. Surely Google has realized that by now.

    • atinsley

      Many people are like my wife, who have no desire to have their music on anything but their phone. It would work fine for them.

      Not saying I disagree with you, but there still would be a market out there even without something like that.

    • blaque_prince

      Not sure I understand the need here? The whole goal is to move towards the cloud. Apple is doing so as well. If you need you music local to come computer then log into the Google Music service from a browser and download it. I believe you can download it at least. At the minimum you can play it. The whole idea of syncing music back and forth between computers is just about dead. Personally its why I stayed away from the whole online music purchasing thing until now. It just didn’t make sense to me.

  • RitishOemraw

    Google should start by releasing Music beta to Europe!

  • Ryan Hietpas

    Most good music is on small labels anyway!

  • Jmaxku

    Independent Music FTW I will love Google Music

  • chuckles87

    who cares if major labels don’t sign up all they shitty mainstream garbage with no musical value whatsoever

  • Daniel Flanigan

    Now if Google’s attempt is sincere and nothing reminiscent of G+, I will be impressed

  • Tom Hermans

    Great news!
    Have been using (and loving) the beta for two months now. Having “my” music everywhere, at home, at work, .. And even in my car blasting via smartphone – bluetooth and car-radio.. Awesome! and works like a charm..I never even got into digitizing/sorting my music collection (1000+ vinyl – 2000+ cd and unknown amount mp3), but Google Music achieved that..