AT&T/Canada Motorola RAZR Spotted at the FCC; Motorola XOOM 2, As Well?

Today’s a good day for you FCC lovers. It seems that the Motorola RAZR has passed the FCC. Inside are radios for AT&T, though it’s imperative to note that most Canadian carriers share the same radios as them. The device is set to release on Verizon sometime soon and we could see it heading to some Canadian carriers soon after.

Also in the FCC today is what is believed to be the new XOOM (XOOM 2, as many have unofficially named it). It’s a 10.1 inch device with HDMI out, 1GB of RAM, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage. Sure sounds like a new XOOM to us, though we’re not exactly sure when we’ll be seeing this one announced. We hope to learn more about the device soon. Check out the FCC listing here. [via, 2]

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  • Omer Subhani

    Anyone have experience buying an Android device meant for an overseas carrier and using it on AT&T? Results? Data speeds good enough, or is it not worth the trouble?

    • Jesse Hamlin

      just buy an unlocked one from Rogers(canada) it uses the same frequency. My captivate is an unlocked att one and I use it on the Rogers network

    • Fatty McFatterton

      Theoretically it should work just as well as any other AT&T device since it is running on the same frequencies. I’ve never actually imported an international phone though, so I cannot say for certain, but the international version of the Galaxy S2 reportedly works fine on AT&T.

  • Newbey

    I hope this comes to AT&T quickly! They need a good android LTE phone. If they were smart they would launch the RAZR, Raider/Holiday, and the Nexus! That would be an impressive trio of phones!

  • alecgale

    so are they gonna replace the atrix 2 with the razr