Motorola Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for XOOM

As rumors were flying around regarding whether or not the Motorola XOOM would be the first Android tablet to receive Android 4.0, we were just waiting on official confirmation that Motorola would look to deliver a box of Ice Cream Sandwich at all.

Matt at Motorola’s support forums (a moderator who obviously has insight on stuff like this) has confirmed that the XOOM would indeed be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, though there’s absolutely no way for him to know whether or not the first Android 3.0+ tablet would get it first. And he didn’t have any timing to share, period. Just sit tight, in other words. [Thanks Gman!]

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  • harold

    Cool i like it.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Considering the ICS SDK behaves just like a honeycomb tablet when you put in a tablet screen size and the Galaxy Nexus is supposed to be released on November 10th, I’m guess around Nov 18th or early the following week.

    • Magus2300

      HAHAHAHA! Oh that’s a good one! Maybe by January. If we’re lucky. Though I sincerely hope your guess is more accurate than mine.

    • wakkoman

      You sure are giving Google a lot of undeserved goodwill there buddy. Do you enjoy being a fanboy and doing everything Google tells you to do?

      • Alek Tritt

        Considering Motorola is responsible for getting the updates out in a timely manner, and being a Google/android fan is all about free will and customization…

        • wakkoman

          The Xoom was advertised strongly as a plain Honeycomb “Nexus” type device. Google just has to make it available and ready.

          • Alek Tritt

            The Xoom was advertised as the first Honeycomb device, more on par with the OG Droid then the a nexus. Any speculation of it being Nexus-like are purely the fault of those who had said thought.

          • wakkoman

            It runs vanilla Honeycomb, you doofus.

          • Alek Tritt

            “It runs vanilla Honeycomb, you doofus.”

            I’m not entirely sure what your point is. The OG Droid Ran Vanilla Eclair. Just because its device is vanilla doesn’t mean it’s updates are google’s responsibility. Motorola is still the one who has to push them out.

          • nspooty

            To reiterate what AlekTritt said, running vanilla honeycomb doesn’t mean anything. It was never advertised as a developer device and has always received its updates from Motorola, just like the OG Droid, which is also a vanilla device.

          • ratnok

            Seriously man, what is wrong with you? You have nothing to say other than negativism and insults.

      • Scott Tompkins

        Uh, when Motorola decides to update the Xoom has nothing to do with Google…

        • tjpeco

          The verizon xoom is the Honeycomb version of the nexus.

          It will be one of the first to get the new OS.

          • Scott Tompkins

            Well, I agree it has minimal bloat, but go try to uninstall Cordy (not part of Honeycomb btw)… so, yeah… not exactly a Nexus device.

  • Damon Nevils

    Sony Tablet S Next, Please.
    Tablet S is awesome (i’ve tried them all including the Ipad). Hopefully this beast is not delayed because of the minor overlay Sony uses.

  • Mapekz

    While it will be nice it probably won’t have a major impact overall, just like how going to GB from Froyo wasn’t that big a deal (compared to Eclair -> Froyo or GB -> ICS).

  • Jesse Hamlin

    I think the transformer will be the first to get it

    • Hugh Robateau

      Could almost guarantee it will before the xoom. :)

      • Justin King

        Its been behind the xoom on every patch so far… why so convinced otherwise this time?

  • TeeJay1100

    MMotorola quit playing and release this asap! Like the same day the Galaxy Nexus is available for sale!

    • Magus2300

      99.9% unlikely. But one can hope!

  • Pucilowski, Jason

    I’ll be quite angry if my A500 doesn’t get it :(

  • Zombinator

    Moto should be first. It’s the official development platform for google and android so it would only make sense that the xoom gets first release.

  • eibook

    Isn’t the XOOM a “Google Experience Device”?

    • Justin King

      Yes, it is. How that fact continues tonescape the general public is beyond me. That’s why the transformer got sdcard card support first: moto said repeatedly they couldn’t touch the code as it was a Google experience device

      • Cineworld Android

        The US Xoom is GED but not all Xoom are. That is why the Xoom is stuck on 3.1 outside of the US.

  • dbam987

    +1. It was mostly obvious, considering that the Xoom was Google/Moto’s Honeycomb launch device which wasn’t too long ago.

  • double1

    A ‘forums manager’ said ics will be coming to the xoom and you’re reporting this as an official moto statement. lol

    • KevinMCo

      Actually, statements from Matt are official. He only gives details like these when he is told to.

  • Tony Stark

    okay, wouldn’t it be stupid for the Xoom or any other tablet to get android 4.0 ice cream sandwich. I mean, isn’t that why phones didn’t get honeycomb. because it was made specifically for tablets. so wouldn’t the same be true for 4.0 why would a cellphone version of software be released for a tablet? why would anyone even want it to begin with it. isn’t ice cream sandwich for lack of a better word, a half-assed version of honeycomb. am I the only one this makes sense to?

    • Erik Knudsen

      Is this comment for real?

  • James Smallman

    The problem with all this is, that the forum moderator quoted in fact has the title of Forum Manager and has been proven time and time again to be totally unreliable in his offerings and offers lame non helpful advice at times if any!

    The other point is that promises for software updates from Motorola have been totally unreliable throughout the world. Whilst the US Xooms get fast and timely updates, the rest of the xoom world has had to go begging cap in hand to get anything. Motorolas customer support in this and other areas are documented on there official forum and many many others.

    Even the thought that Motorola will get ICS out in some sort of timely fashion to possibly any but US xooms is akin to telling us that Elvis has really come back into the building!

  • Loren W

    If I learnt anything with Android is not me first. Let it go to some of the others, let there be a minor update then me please. However it will be interesting if Google would cheese of other suppliers off by letting Xoom1 go 1st, or appease them by being 2nd or 3rd. Most likely is perhaps Xoom2 or another NEW tablet (like Amazon) with ICS already loaded, as Nexus will be on the phone.