Which HTC Devices Will See Ice Cream Sandwich Updates? HTC Issues Statement


If you are stuck, having recently upgraded your device a few weeks/months ago, the big question on just about everyone’s mind is — when will my device get Ice Cream Sandwich? Well, if you used that recent upgrade on an HTC device, you may want to listen up. HTC has issued a statement in regards to Google’s latest Android dessert and things aren’t sounding so hot.

We are excited about the latest update for Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, and are currently reviewing its features and functionality to determine our upgrade plans. Our goal for Android updates is to give every customer an improved user experience, which means balancing each phone’s unique hardware, HTC Sense experience and the Android kernel. While our goal is to upgrade as many of our recent devices as possible, we are committed to maintaining every phone’s performance and usability first. Please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans.

It’s safe to say if you’re device wasn’t one of HTC’s “top sellers” or if it’s still running on last years hardware, your chances aren’t looking so good. Although Google did mention just about any device running Gingerbread should be able to run ICS just fine, OTA updates aren’t without their politics. Carriers often aren’t too excited about the potential bugs and possible returns that come from rushed updates and neither are the OEM’s. As an Evo 3D owner, I don’t expect to see the ice cream man until well into next year.

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  1. As long as the bionic and d3 are eligible, im good

  2. I feel the same way Chris, I have a Sensation…

  3. With such a drastic overhaul to the OS, you can bet OEM customizers like HTC have their work cut out for them to adapt skins like Sense.

  4. But I thought your phone was rooted ??

  5. Once again I’m glad I don’t buy phones with custom skins on them that stop the OEMs from updating them.

  6. Reason why I’m not EVER going to buy a non Google phone. Upgrades not coming in a timely manner.

    1. You have custom roms, which will longer update your device then Apple will do to it’s devices.

  7. That is the STUPIDEST ststement. When will companies realize that they shouldn’t say things they wouldn’t say to a group of their customers? Come on HTC rep. Tell me that I may not get Ice Cream Sandwich because you “have” to alter it with sense…. then we will watch and see if I don’t claw your eyes out and drink your blood….

  8. just think how long it will take the thunderbolt to get ics lol

      1. It will be CM9, CM8 is already used for Honeycomb.

    1. Faster than most phones, if you’re rooted :). I’ve been running GB for a long time. I laughed a few weeks ago when it was reported that the TBolt was getting “official” gingerbread (I thought it had it for quitye awhile at that point)

  9. No more skinned devices for me. HTC SENSE its uses way to many resources in the background. “htc loggers” for example.

  10. [moderated] HTC

  11. Worst and best thing is Companies fucking with Android yeah people have there favorite but really no need that’s why updates take to fucking long. Only be one flavor Vanilla it runs the best and the consumer gets update OS. One thing I’m envy about Apple owners

    1. They may start with ics but HTC and Samsung have kind of fucked themselves by making sense and touching a feature of their phones which consumers will be wondering why their HTC phone does look like what they bought it for.

    2. That’s why I’m selling my Sensation and buying a Nexus.

  12. But note this don’t effect me cause I love HTC sense but CM always hits these phones quicker then most so. CM I can’t wait to see what you guys do with ICS

  13. I’m not worried my g2x should handle ics just fine

  14. Just release the code so my rooted Htc Evo can get some Ice cream love.

  15. Maintaining every phones performance? Pfft that’s why I don’t get HTC anymore. Look what happened with the HTC Desire and gingerbread fiasco. Htc makes crappy hardware. My friend got a sensation xe recently.

  16. What a HORRIBLE response from HTC. I think they are worried about how to set themselves apart in the marketplace now, because it’s obvious that Sense is no longer needed after Android 4.0. I say this as a huge Sense fan, but 4.0 has covered all it’s bases.

  17. HTC gave a fine response. I don’t know what you guys want them to say. I don’t get how It’s possible to have ice cream is you already have touch capacities buttons. And if I could have ice cream buttons on the screen and real buttons i wouldn’t want ice cream. HTC sense isn’t dead with this new android. Look at honeycomb HTC sense on honeycomb is much better then stock honeycomb and stop with the Damn bootloader stuff. You can easily get rid of it?

    1. If a device with ics has buttons then the os doesn’t put on-screen buttons

  18. That’s why this E3D will be my LAST device purchased from HTC. Crappy hardware, resource hogging software, and crappy “unlocking bootloader” method!

    1. Crappy hardware? Lol, ok man, whatever you say…

    2. “crappy hardware” ….just blew all your credibility and respect out the window with such an idiotic comment like that. HTC is THE BEST hardware manufacturer out there now…..i guess youre a SAMSUCK fan…. good luck with that !!!

    3. Really? Crappy hardware is the best you could do? I would be willing to bet the majority of HTV users love their hardware. I know I do on the EVO 3D.

      I’m not too worried about an ICS update OTA. If it hits the ROM community first I’ll be rooting and going that route. I just hope the Thunderbolt gets a taste of this so my gf can have it.

  19. It’s a crappy response, to be sure…This is why we Root people…Who wants to be left at the mercy of HTC? I love my Inc, but I can’t for my Dec upgrade!

  20. This is why I refuse to buy a phone with an encrypted bootloader (pretty much every Moto phone after the OG Droid), or a few others. Say what you will about the Thunderbolt, but my old Thunderbolt will probably have a Jellybean ROM before a lot of the current higher-end (non-encrypted) phones will see ICS, although it will likely be another Guinea Pig phone at that point if the Nexus Prime gets it’s updates from Google. I’m NOT calling it a ‘Galaxy Prime” – I hate that frikkin’ name.
    Too often, I’ve seen OEMs and/or carriers claim that x phone can’t handle y operating system, only to flash it on my phone and see that it works just fine. (I understand why – they want to sell new phones, not simply have phones already sold to simply be updated – it’s business, it’s how it works). I’ve watched this to some degree on every new OS. I remember when it was claimed that for a device to have Froyo, it would require a 1GHz+ processor (not true), that Gingerbread would require dual-core (again, obviously not true). I remember HTC saying that the TBolt couldn’t run Sense 3.0 (I’ve run both 3.0 and a 3.5 preview, and they’ve all worked just fine – without even overclocking). Of course, everything has its limitations; I wouldn’t expect my old OG Droid that I still play with and flash different ROMs on to run Android 5.0 whenever that’s released, but it runs Gingerbread, and if they give us the keys to the bootloaders, I’m sure I could get ICS in some form on a Droid 2, for example.

  21. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade ~ that’s name of the game. It’s ICS today and Vanilla Strawberry tomorrow. It seems every day-old phone is too old because it has to catch up with the newest upgrade: What gives? Just enjoy your phone and don’t worry about every upgrade/new OS that comes along or you’ll never be happy.

  22. dont know why its “not sounding too hot” …its less than 24hrs after the presentation…did anyone really expect them to make a press statement saying when and to which phones ICS is coming to ?? its too soon to know when……id rather have them say that then to make a guesstimate on a date and then not come through….damn impatient fanboy nerds

  23. Somehow I doubt my Eris (I know) will be getting an official ICS upgrade from HTC…lol. Now to just wait and see which comes first – me having enough money for the Prime (Galaxy Nexus – what a stupid name), or a port of ICS for me…probably the port.

    1. lol. the Eris is still out there? crazy

    2. I didn’t know the Eris even got an official Froyo upgrade, much less GB and ICS. I thought Disney bought out the remaining models in stock almost two years ago to repurpose as handheld “tour guides” at Disney parks?

  24. I still have my Incredible and love it, but I still haven’t seen GB. With ICS announced and no upgrade until May, the only real option is to root.I tried to wait and get the OTA, but it was pulled before I received it. Oh, well. Hopefully a stock ICS ROM will be out soon and I can experience it on my own device sooner that HTC and Verizon want me to.

  25. Is there any way at all that HTC will give the original EVO the Ice Cream Sand.?

  26. I think they might be in a bit of between rock and hard place.. There will be those that want ICS “no matter what”, and there will be those that will complain if Sense is replaced and things people like are gone.. I am in no hurry to get ICS, they can take their time and do it right.. I’m sure they have plenty on their plate already in trying to get new phones out with ICS that will have an HTC feel to em that current Sense users will like.

    1. That’s why instead of messing with the entire system, they need to work on making Sense more of an “add-on” kind of deal, so you can turn it off if you don’t like it, and they can get updates out faster.

  27. I say the 3vo gets this in January just like the heros update to eclair

  28. Screw HTC Sense. Until Android manufacturers figure out a way to support their devices more than 6 months they will continue to bleed customers to the iSheep line.

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