Samsung Galaxy S II vs Apple iPhone 4S Camera Comparison


Our friends at PCWorld have put together a detailed comparison (they use number ratings and all that junk) of the Apple iPhone 4S’ camera up against the Samsung Galaxy S II’s. The former is a 8 megapixel camera with 720p HD video while the latter is an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video. Both boast some of the highest quality small sensors in smartphones today.

PCWorld came to the conclusion that the Samsung Galaxy S II only slightly edged Apple’s iPhone 4S overall, giving Samsung an insurmountable lead in the video recording department. Samsung received “very good” scores for most of their still image tests.

In my review, I praised the camera sensor for its outstanding performance up against offerings from HTC and Motorola. I loved video capture, too, as I couldn’t get over how smooth both recording and playback of 1080p HD video were.

Having not used an iPhone (ever), I can’t tell you anything about the iPhone 4S’ camera from personal experience, but one thing’s clear based on the sample shots I’ve seen so far – the Galaxy S II is no slouch. Just as “magical” as anything, we’d say. Check out PC World for the full rundown. [Thanks Croak!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m wondering about the depth of field on the SGS II. This is some incredible footage captured on the 4S:


    1. so.ok ive seen it and……….so what ..is what im thinking..seen better from other phones..

  2. I thought they both shot 1080p?
    Either way, glad to see Android devices picking it up in the camera dept.

    1. I thought so too. The iPhone 4S spec page says “Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio.”

      I agree though, nice to see Android stepping it up. Unfortunately that’s one area that I would normally give to the iPhone.

      1. The iPhone 4s does record 1080p and they DID test it 1080p. Prob just an oversight on Q’s part. The iPhone 4 tested at 720p.

  3. they both shoot 1080p.

    spoiler alert- gs2 beat the iphone in both image’s and video.

    sg2 also beat a point in shoot camera in video recording.

    mytouch 4g slide beat the sg2 in images by a little bit

  4. Congratulation Q for not ever used an Iphone. And I’m being serious.

    1. Neither have I. Nor have I ever owned an ipod or anything apple ever. At the time, my Creative Zen cost the same as the new ipod and had 4 times the color display. I like doing research before buying something.

      1. Well. I have never bought an Iphone, but the work made me support it, so they got me one so that I can do my job. It burns in my hand…

        1. Thats because you are holding it wrong lol

      2. I really liked my Zen too. I also agree on doing research before you buy something, not just getting/buying a product simply on branding.

        1. Except thats the main reason the iphone and all apples products sell so much because apple some how got associated with high quality

    2. Really? Going out of your way to NOT try something deserves congratulations? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of objectivity? I use an iPhone and generally like Apple products, yet I also have owned 2 android devices, because I like to think I’m open minded enough to judge a product based on its merits, and try try all competing OS’es before forming an opinion. Considering the iPhone lay the foundation for all current smartphones (virtual keyboard, multitouch, scrolling, swiping, etc) going out of your way to never try it, ‘just because it’s made by Apple’, is rather childish, irrational, and speaks to having an agenda instead of being sincere. Definitely not something deserving praise. And you’re even more irrational for giving that praise. If someone praised me for never having tried an android device I’d feel the same way.

      1. Your argument implies that Quentyn has gone out of his way to not try an Apple product and no where in that article does it state that.

        1. It doesn’t have to state it- it’s common sense, and he pretty much states it by adding (ever), just to make sure everyone know where he stands. Why is that even necessary, if you’re trying to be even semi-professional? Apple is the biggest player in both the tablet and smartphone industry. How can someone credibly write articles for a site like this while never, ever having tried an iPhone- considering it came out in 2007, when at that time android was absolutely nothing like what it is now, and since then has adopted all the foundations that the original iPhone layed out in terms of multitouch, etc. I’m saying he would have had to really, really try hard to never touch an iPhone, as I’m sure many opportunities have presented themselves since then. It’s quite a disturbing notion, giving the nature of this website, and I’m not sure how anyone can genuinely disagree with that. To go out of your way to never try the most successful smartphone speaks volumes about lack of sensibility. To try it and then to state you prefer android is completely fine. To make it a point never to try it is, frankly, a little pathetic. This isn’t a damn crusade against good and evil (as many of you no doubt believe), they’re simply gadgets.

          1. Let me break it down for you PHAN DROID! -> Fan Droid! -> Fan of Androids -> Fan of Android Powered devices -> Interested in Android news -> its a bias site kinda like engadget and bgr is for anything apple, except engadget and bgr isn’t as open about it in the title as Phandroid is. Come wtf do you expect to read from a android loving blogsite?

          2. Are your reading comprehension skills that feeble? First, he was only posting about an article from PC World, not that he had actually done the comparison. Second Apple didn’t pave the way, these things we take for granted on smartphones today were available bedore Jobs jizzed it out. Your revisionist history doesn’t hold water for those of us who actually think for themselves. Stop being such a goddamn Apple zombie and open your eyes and pay attention.

          3. You mad bro?

          4. More disturbing I think is “(they use number ratings and all that junk)”. Though I think that may be tongue-in-cheek, it suggests that Phandroid is merely a blog of emotional responses to phone technology, as opposed to a site that might offer some real analysis. This of course brings us back to your original post.

      2. Calm your face everyone is biased in one way or another you either can admit it or deny it fact is everyone has a bias

        1. But he is not necessarily responding to bias. We are aware of where we are here on Phandroid. If you want to be a real tech website, you cannot ignore the reality of a successful competing product, and claim to be informed opinion–and informed opinion on Android is what we come here for.

          Reminds me of the world of motorcycles in the US. H-D is the most successful selling brand here. Many people swear they are the best, others would never tough one. However, in every metric of measurement–other than sales–(reliability, performance, etc) H-D falls short. We know this because many people have compared and tested and give the results, even if they prefer one brand or another. There are sites claiming otherwise, but no one takes them seriously as home of motorcycle tech knowledge. They are fan clubs. Is Phandroid a fan club or is it more than that?

      3. I have never owned an apple anything, and I never will. It is a CHOICE. If apple were the only choice, I would chose nothing. I might take up smoke signals or something.

      4. As an Android fan and user, I agree that it’s completely ridiculous that he’s never used an iPhone. Unlike some of you I personally buy the best device regardless of who makes it. At a point in time that device was the iPhone and maybe it will be again in the future. For now it’s the Galaxy SII for me.

      5. Yep.

  5. This comparison is a fail. The iPhone 4S shoots 1080p they probly used a iPhone 4 because the camera on the 4S is superior compared to the sgs2

    1. Instead of being a apple fanboy on a android site why not go look for yourself? PCworld does a lot of reviews on all types of phones so i doubt they would mistake a 4s for a 4 just because the result isn’t in your favor doesn’t make it wrong.

  6. This comparison is a fail. The camera on the iPhone 4S records 1080p. They must of used the iPhone 4 because the camera on the iPhone 4S is superior compared to the SGS2

    1. yes pc world would lie..not that any iphone fan or apple has never done..which is alot…this is a test im pretty sure they know whats what you dumbass.my friend just got his,which im sorry to say..and this is about right.

  7. I want to know what camera was used to take that picture of a camera.. No seriously

  8. Low light video on Bionic is amazing.

  9. Very nice!

  10. Yeah …now for Verizon to get a GS2…Prime…yeah come on…sorry heavy iusers…beat is…beat. ithink Apple just kind of through the new-ish iphone together to say they have a new-ish phone out there.

  11. If nothing else, this test proves that no one need bother with a Nikon Coolpix P300 anymore.

  12. Someone needs to compare the iPhone 4S camera to the MyTouch 4G Slide or the HTC Amaze

  13. Dayum, if iphone 4s is using new optics and Galaxy s2 is using old optics…

    I can’t wait to see what samsung pulls off with the new optics in the nexus prime..

  14. How is it possible that a writer on a smartphone blog has never used an iPhone?

  15. Talk all your shit. I bet the amaze 4G can compete

  16. The last time I checked we are on Phandroid right? PHANDROID! A website dedicated to everything Android. Who cares if he hasn’t ever used an iPhone, he writes about Android devices!!! So quit bashing him and hit that little source link which will take you to the PC World test.

  17. I find it comical that a smartphone tech writer could have never used an iPhone. That’s like a biologist never reading about evolution, and serves to instantly discredit this writer’s appraisal or write-ups about any smartphone. Even if the writer exclusively covers Android devices, it’s simply ignorant to ignore Android’s largest competitor when trying to write intelligently about Android’s own competitiveness and position in the marketplace.
    There’s nothing wrong with an average Android user never having used an iPhone. However, for a writer published on an “authority” website dealing with the Android OS, never using an iPhone even once is surprising to say the least. The iPhone shaped the smartphone industry, and was the primary competitive force in fueling Android’s exceptional innovation. There is no way to appreciate the importance of this without at least using an iPhone once.
    I love the Android OS… for me, it’s a better fit than the iOS, but I don’t see a reason to shun at least trying the iOS so I can be a more informed consumer and know WHY I like Android more…. and I’m not writing articles about Android.

  18. I eat apples. I use my Android.

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