Oct 17th, 2011

Google’s issued another big update to Google Wallet, their mobile NFC-based payment system. American Eagle Outfitters, The Container Store, Foot Locker, Guess, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, OfficeMax and Toys“R”Us have all implemented the digital deals and rewards features that Google detailed a while ago.

The service is called SingleTap and will allow you to redeem coupons and rewards all at the point of sale as you’re ringing up a compatible item. Instead of ferociously looking through your purse and wallet for that rewards card, coupon AND payment method, you just tap your phone against the NFC-enabled payment system and all of it goes through at the same time.

The offers section has gotten an update, as well, showing you which offers are featured. If that’s not enough, American Eagle, Guess, Foot Locker and OfficeMax all offer digital rewards cards in addition to Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Toys’R’Us and more.

Finally, Chevron, D’Agostino, Faber News Now, Gristedes Supermarkets and Pinkberry are all working to add Google Wallet support in the near future. We’re glad Google’s succeeded in this venture even if they only have one compatible phone (Sprint’s Nexus S 4G). We hope it gains steam as they look to add even more. [Google]