Ice Cream Sandwich Arrives at Building 44 of the Googleplex

I love seeing these statues. It usually means that a new version of Android – or at least the announcement of a new version – is right around the corner. Google’s delivered an Ice Cream Sandwich sculpture to the front lawn of the Googleplex, where larger-than-life representations of dessert corresponding to each major revision of Android hang out. Looks like everyone’s still out there, too. Cupcake isn’t in the direct shot but you can see it in the left-most window. We also can’t see donut but we can’t imagine it’s not out there if cupcake is. Yum. [via G+]

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  • turfgrass64

    makes me hungry!

  • Relic419

    Now we know why the announcement was delayed.

  • Brandon Kirk Hinson

    nom nom nom

  • Cipher Zero

    Cool statue!

  • John

    i’m so stealing my wife’s upgrade for this new phone :D

    • No_Nickname90

      I gave my mom my Memoir and got the G2 with my upgrade last year. Now she want’s another phone. I guess I can get her upgrade and give her my G2. Heh heh…

  • Steve Calamia

    I still don’t understand how Honeycomb is a dessert.

  • Larizard

    THIS is all the confirmation I needed.

  • trevor


  • am511

    i’ll go to Googleplex just to bite his head

  • am511

    oh no he’s gonna melt down , SAVE HIM

  • John

    see, apple doesn’t do cool shit like this. also, they don’t stream it like all android events are. love google

  • TJ B

    Donut is there you can see it in the window reflection on the far left ;)

    • Tarik Husejinovic

      That’s a Cupcake. Donut is nowhere to be seen.

  • bob

    That’s a cupcake

  • Cipher Zero

    I still think Google should’ve had the blue “Andy bee” in the honeycomb rather than the regular green Andy.