Nuance Buying Swype For More Than $100 Million


Pretty big news coming out of the tech world if this all pans out. According to Uncrunched, Swype has just been acquired by Nuance for the sum of 100 million dollars. Currently, Nuance is the proud owner of the T9 input method you’ve been using on flip phones since before Android and more recently, they made a splash for their voice recognition software powering the iPhone 4S’s Siri and Dragon desktop software.

So what does this acquisition mean? Some say it’s Nuance’s way of eliminating the competition (T9 and Swype don’t get along). No one can say for sure. But it looks like Swype could be the default keyboard method on an even wider range of devices once this buyout goes through. Both Nuance and Swype have yet to confirm or issue a statement but we’ll keep you updated.

[Via Electronista]

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  1. i hope this doesnt mean just swype for iphone

  2. I hope this means that Swype will get the support it needs. I can think of a couple dozen features and corrections that it needs that would blow users away, but it’s easier for me to just be pissed off and lazy about it and not actually tell anyone.

    1. Too bad Nuance is a shitty company. Dragon for PC sucks balls

  3. Your best friend’s mom is an internet hooker. I saw her on [self moderated].com – that’s a porn site!!!

  4. Here’s an idea. How about google put in a bid

    1. Google already acquired BlindType last year. Never heard from them since =/

      1. Maybe it’s Google’s “One More Thing” for ICS! 8D

        I’d still probably use Swype if it was though.

        1. I’m too programmed to tap. Been doing it my whole life. And I use a lotta slang when I talk so Swype never knows what I’m saying. Oh yeah — and a gratuitous amount of emoticons o_O

          1. Touchpal is also worth checking out. Swype is more forgiving if you don’t hit the right key (looks for area), but the keys are bigger, and is easier for tapping when you need to.

  5. Where’s blind type!

  6. i type faster with swiftkey than swype haha

  7. Oh boy, Apple cunning trick … They want Swype … So, Nuance bought Swype and Apple bought Nuance … Bleah.

    Well, Swype sucks anyway, I am Swiftkey user :) … Can’t wait Google to unleash Blind Type!

  8. While I far prefer swype to any other input method, I’ve reluctantly switched to swifykey X for its predictive abilities; that’s the only thing that makes writing a text a bit faster, otherwise Swype blows everything else I’ve used away.

    1. I’m in the exact same boat. If Swype had tap-to-type predictive abilities like Swiftkey X I would use it more myself. At this point, I only use swype when im being lazy, otherwise, its just not as productive as Swiftkey most times. If Swiftkey had Swype’s swiping, it would be perfect (like a better Touchpal).

  9. Swype sucks

  10. bad move….cutting loses from the stupid flext9 acquisition with another one? It doesn’t take a genius to know the math doesn’t add up especially when there is nothing preventing yet another company to put one out in the market

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