Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front FREE Edition – Coming Soon To The Android Market


Gameloft is finally bringing their hit WWII first-person shooter Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front to the Android Market. The game actually launched back in February for iOS devices and soon after was ported to Android. The only problem was the game was offered up exclusively on Gameloft’s site for $5. If you’re anything like me — I like to keep my app purchases to the Android Market. Gameloft has this funny policy of not allowing you to transfer your game to new devices. Well, the good news is you can put your wallet away because Gameloft will be rewarding patient buyers by offering the game for download free of charge. No word on the exact launch date of BIA2:GF but we’ll let you know as soon as it drops. For now, check out the trailer below.

[Via Twitter]

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  1. First

  2. Second

  3. whats up with the annoying ad that scrolls across my screen so i cant close it


      Phandroid’s annoying ass ads actual inspired me to use it, and i love it!

      1. thanks

      2. I’ve never seen an ad on my internets in over 10 years o_O

  4. Is it going to be available for the evo 4g cause none of their new games seem to be anymore. Guess its time for a new phone.

  5. I got gameloft to transfer nova from my evo 4g to my evo 3d, I just emailed them stating that i should be able to transfer my purchase. A week later, I received an email with instructions and a code that enabled me to download nova for free on my evo 3d

  6. Nice I can’t wait

  7. Any word if its going to have support for HC probably so just this for be a game for my tablet worst enough that X plane 9 has suckered me in to buying the rest of the planes I’m getting into a gaming tablet junkie

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