T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Benchmarked [Video]


It wasn’t too long ago we found out that the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S II would not feature the coveted dual-core Exynos processor like its Galaxy S II cousins on Sprint and AT&T. Instead we learned this variant would feature a dual-core Snapdragon processor (APQ8060) clocked at 1.5GHz. Many of our readers were up in arms over this news doubting the power of the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon over Samsung’s Exynos.

Well, seeing how a lot of our readers live and die by benchmarks scores, we came across this Quadrant result of the upcoming T-Mobile Galaxy S II and let me tell you — it’s well deserving of its Hercules title.

Generally speaking, the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S II hits an average Quadrant benchmark of about 3500. Not too shabby for T-Mobile customers who felt like they were getting the short end of the stick from Samsung/Qualcomm/T-Mobile. Keep in mind, benchmarks should never be taken as gospel truth and in now way represent “real world” speeds as translated to the end user or even that any one phone is “better” than another based off such — but I digress. For those Phandroid skeptics who are still doubting the validity of the Hercules’s benchmark, I’ve even included a video of the entire Quadrant process down below.

[Via TmoNews]

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  1. Qualcomm and I are from San Diego. We are FTW!

    1. Love SD! But qualcomm uhhhh yeaa o_O

  2. then WHY does the evo 3d suck so bad. has to be sense

    1. Must be. The Amaze 4G was also benchmarked recently and received the usual 2600 or so. Either way — I never read too much into benchmarks.

      1. Thank you! BTW Chris, do you still have your 3D? Mine is doing some wacky stuff lately and I’ve been reading about users having the same issues. The touch screen has gone mad. It’s as if a ghost is using your phone right in front of you. After unlocking the lock screen, it will add and delete apps and widgets, open the browser and highlight a link and go to it. Go to call history and highlight a contact and make the call. It’s been a nightmare.

        1. WOW.. I’ve only noticed it acting out of control like that occasionally when I plug in a stereo aux cable.

          Other than that, I’ve maxed out my memory with a million apps and everything is working fine for me =)

          1. Love the EVO 3D (I dont have one though)

          2. i looked into the evo 3d. i was not impressed with the 3d video it took. is it just me or does the video look blurry when recording in 3d?

          3. Resolution drops in order to record in 3D. But you could always record in 3D and watch in normal 720p 2D.

            I pretty record everything in 3D :D

        2. little mods here and there but no issues for me on the 3D :)

    2. same reason my Sensation doesn’t come close to this, poor coding and resource management in htc Sense. Obviously the Snapdragon processor is just as capable as Exynos.

      1. It’s not actually, the exynos is clocked at 1.2, this is at 1.5, if the exynos is overclocked to 1.5, people get mid 4000 and some even get 5000, I can get 3900 from my phone with a custom kernel while it’s running at stock 1.2GHz after 3 or more runs

        1. 300mhz isn’t gonna make a difference.

          1. It makes plenty when it comes to these two SOCs

        2. I agree to an extent. The Exynos is better at the same clock-speed but the Snapdragon S3 is more overclockable (because of longer instruction pipeline). So if you’re talking about what each chip is capable of (using custom kernels), the results are pretty similar because most S3’s can run at 1.9GHz and score the same as Exynos’ at 1.5GHz. In a production sense, an Exynos at 1.5Ghz would be the best processor because Qualcomm will never release a production S3 running at higher than 1.5GHz. Anyway, in the real world both have more processing power than most people need.

          1. yeah but wtf would i overclock. i want stock speed. It’s stock for a reason.

      2. That’s not strictly true. It’s a design choice on HTC’s part to only activate the second core under heavy load. The trade-off is better battery life. The second core rarely kicks in when running Quadrant. Run a custom kernel with both cores activated and it’s a different story.

        1. The galaxy s 2 has the excact same processor as the sensation but it’s clocked at his normal frequency. The sensation processor has been underclocked. My point is the T-mobile galaxy s 2 is asynchronous just like the sensation. The second core kicks in only when needed. Plus quadrant only uses one core anyway.

          1. 300MHz difference in clock speed makes little difference in Quadrant as the Amaze 4G proves. Quadrant can use two cores if the kernel allows it. You can see the second core activate infrequently running Quadrant and also on the Sensation if you use the ‘force dual-core script’ your Quadrant scores go up by 300. Samsung’s kernel could activate the second core during Quadrant if it was coded to do so. But SparklingCyanide was right in that HTC’s coding is very poor in some areas (especially 3D on their S3 kernels) so Samsung could easily have done a much better job there.

          2. Yes 300 MHz makes a difference but I’m sure it’s more of HTC doing some tweaking and optimizing to make sure the Amaze doesn’t false start like the sensation.

          3. The sensation has more pixels to process compared to SGS2..

            480 x 800 for SGS2 while Sensation has qHD.. the more pixels you process, the lower your score will be.. and of course, sensation is only running 1.2Ghz vs 1.5Ghz

          4. That’s what people say, but why is the my touch 4 g slide scoring the same number as the sensation in quadrant when it’s screen is only 480 x 800? I’m not saying there isn’t a difference but it’s a very little one then cause they score about the same in quadrant and they both have the same dual core clocked at the same frequency plus adreno 220. actually the sensation scores just a little more. What’s your theory?

  3. “We’re gonna need a bigger benchmark”

  4. ಠ_ಠ

  5. Quadrant Standard is SUPER OLD why do people still use it? Hasn’t been updated in a long time it still shows caparisons with a Nexus ONE? lmBO use CF BENCH

    1. Passmark is OK too.

  6. Definitely the worst looking Galaxy S II variant.

    1. to each his own

    2. I forgive you i know you meant the best looking Samsung g II variant.

  7. That’s weird since the canadian version with the same processor scored significantly lower on quadrant…

    btw.. benchmark score is at 7:25

    1. Now my head hurts >.<

    2. Canadian version also only gets 5-6 mbps download speeds. Things in canada just suck

      1. Do they now?

        1. eh?

        2. yeah, it’s true. The women are pretty darn good at it too. ;)

    3. exactly, I’ve been asking the exact same question. makes no sense at all. do you have any idea why it’s such a completely different score from the exact same phone. only difference is the damn name lol

  8. You guys are forgetting clock speeds, wait until Samsung releases an Exynos chip whose default clock speed is1.5. Basically what this is saying is that the Qualcomm CPU has to be clocked .3GHz higher per core to achieve performance on par with the Exynos, hence the reason the 1.2GHz Sensations and Evos don’t do as well in the benchmarks

    1. Actually we’re ignoring that. Exynos releases 1.5, qualcomm releases 1.7 and so on. Currently attainable performance. It’s still Samsung, thus I will not be buying it but your argument is baseless and without merit. Not to mention, who effin cares about what your phone runs on Quadrant? Or any synthetic benchmark for that matter. Greasy kid stuff.

      1. If you don’t care about benchmark then you’re in the wrong post. Did you read it?

    2. This doesn’t mean this phone will perform just as fluid as the Orginal GSII. Benchmarks are nice, but real life performance is the one that counts. I’m sure anyone who gets this device will be happy with the performance.

  9. This could be that it doesn’t have 60fps limit that the Exynos SoC does. All the 3D scenes in Quadrant are 60fps on Galaxy S2 with Exynos.

  10. Even though benchmarks are mostly for show n tell, they do give you an idea of how the phone runs. I get 3700 average on my epic touch. is the tmobile version locked at 60fps? I never seen the frame rate. Still, it’ll probably be tmobile’s best phone. There still have yet to be games made to take advantage is such powerful phones.

  11. my nexus one is slowly coming to a hault, if the nexus prime proves to be a Verizon only or the same specs as this (obviously this doesn’t have ICS), i think i’ll get the SGII.

  12. What the hell? How is this possible? I opened one up from the box just yesterday and i got a 1900 quadrant score. I thought it was a total disappointment!!

      1. What do you mean what version? Well it was a gs2 for Tmobile, running 2.3.5, quadrant standard. Touch wiz 4.5…

        1. Oh that’s funny, cause T-Mobile’s isn’t out yet:


          It also runs 2.3.4 and touchwiz 4…..

          1. I work for the COMPANY!!!!!!! I think i have access to this phone first than you do!!!!!!

    1. u fuckin liar. 1900 bs. even my vibrant is higher than that. gtfo troll

      1. Troll? Wth is the matter with you? Are you stupid or are you ill? What in the world did i say that made me a troll? I opened one box up, did a quadrant for tmobiles gs2 and it came up with 1900 quardrant score. How does this make me a troll? Please explain this to me…i’d appreciate your stupid pointless response.

        1. since you want my response again… STOP LYING YOU FREAKIN TROLL. Lets see… 3500 or 1900 What would you belive you dumbass.

          Your lie woulda worked if you said something like 2900

          1. I’m assuming you’re the douche that sent in the pics, that’s why you’re getting so defensive. It’s okay i don’t mind you talking crap. Our store got twice your stock, i sell 5 times the amount that you do and make about 3 times more than you. You should ask me what my check was that i received today…then you’ll go crying like the little wimp that you are. Go cry somewhere else, talking trash over a quadrant score? Serious issues.

          2. “I’m assuming you’re the douche that sent in the pics, that’s why you’re getting so defensive. It’s okay i don’t mind you talking crap. Our store got twice your stock, i sell 5 times the amount that you do and make about 3 times more than you. You should ask me what my check was that i received today…then you’ll go crying like the little wimp that you are. Go cry somewhere else, talking trash over a quadrant score? Serious issues.”

            da fuck?

  13. I just think it is awesome what Samsung is doing. They are now where Apple was, that is on the front of innovation. Super AMOLED plus displays. Three different chipsets if nexus prime has OMAP 4460. honestly they have everything covered with the best screens, processors and they are on multiple networks. Pick your flavor, all are the best on the market. Samsung has hit a grandslam with these gems, at least in my book. AMOLED technology is just amazing.

  14. To be honest, I was kind of expecting a bit more in regard to the performance.

    My Motorola Atrix scores consistently in the high 3400’s in quadrant with a stock ROM, change the ROM to CM7 and I get consistent 3900’s …..

    Very nice phone, but not the earth shattering coming that all were claiming.

    I think the high-end market for Android handsets is becoming over-saturated with similarly spec’ed units that as a whole perform almost the same.

    Until the OS demands more from the hardware, I think almost any phone (minus the fit and finish aspect of the unit) will be on the same level soon.

    This high performance handset environment reminds me of the desktop PC business a few years ago, hardware always out paced the software, creating an artificial “need” for more power. The PC industry learned it’s lesson when people stopped buying PC’s, because the hardware they owned already could run the software that was not out yet ….

    Take heed of this hardware manufacturers, do not let history repeat itself, or all of you will be selling cheap disposable technology… kind of like the PC manufacturers do today.

    1. you’re seriously comparing sgs2 to a freakin atrix…. which makes the rest of your (unread) post moot.

  15. heh Tmobile. You get what you pay for.

  16. screw the whole benchmark thing. doesn’t really say how well the phone will perform when actually using it. All I care about is the 4.5″ AMOLED screen and the fact it can run Internet faster than the other offerings. Si I will wait until the gliches are worked out and then I will evaluate if i will dump my G2X for this.

  17. What dumbass still uses Quadrant for benchmarks?! It’s the least accurate benchmark on the market

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