Samsung Gets to Work Quick, Seeks Ban on iPhone 4S in Italy and France

Had any doubts Samsung would stick to their word and be more aggressive against Apple in this patent war? Business Week is reporting that Samsung has taken to Milan, Italy and Paris, France courts to file patent infringement claims against Apple and to seek bans on the iPhone 4S for these infringements. They’re citing two patents that deal with wireless technology, likely those that have to do with 3G data.

We didn’t expect this to take too long following Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event considering they specifically mentioned that Apple would need to essentially strip all their wireless components out of the iPhone in order to refrain from infringing on their patents.

As we learned before, Samsung can’t outright deny Apple a patent license since 3G technology has become a standard. Samsung has to come to fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms with Apple in these claims.

Still, it’s perfect timing for Samsung who is looking to have a big week next week. As CTIA Fall kicks off in San Diego on October 11th, Samsung and Google will lead the charge as they look to introduce what we all know to be as the Nexus Prime.

Yesterday, a quick shot of the device (couldn’t see much but we’re almost certain it was the phone) leaked and Samsung later decided to one-up that with a teaser video of its own. It didn’t show much, but they told us to hang tight as something big is coming.

Many have considered the iPhone 4S disappointing as it’s only an incremental upgrade over the iPhone 4 (the fact that the 4S isn’t much better than the 4 isn’t surprising, it’s that Apple didn’t announce an iPhone 5 after more than a year). With that, people are waiting for Samsung and Google to show their cards and it all goes down next week.

As for those patent cases, it shouldn’t be long before these court sessions get going. Samsung says they will be pursuing the same in courts of many other regions.

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  • Michael Williams

    /clap Samsung

  • t1mothy tAn

    I doubt sammy will win this one, but still… Fire only when fired upon right? ;)

  • Frankie Abaddon

    Hey Apple opened Pandora’s Box so they now get what’s coming to them so I hope Sammy Wins and I hope Apple gotta pay for it. Hey that why you don’t burn bridges. It sucks its being fought like this and not letting us the consumers determine who’s better but that’s the corporate world one big pissing match

  • MarcusDW

    OK if Verizon said that they are getting a “similar device” to the GS2 then why aren’t they involved in this big announcement? If it’s an exclusive to VZW then they should be all over this thing hyping it up.

    And if yesterday’s phone was LCD then that means this is a different phone entirely. Is it possible that yesterday’s was a VZW phone and the Nexus is still open to all?

    Sorry to post 2x post but I’m not seeing this talked about.

    • Alex Fischer

      Google won’t release an exclusive Nexus device that only works in basically the United States….on one network. The whole point of the Nexus line is to create a phone for developers to use (it’s just a good thing that it’s consumer friendly).

      I believe what we’ll see is two devices – a-la the OG Droid and the Nexus One. VZW will get a stock ICS device and everyone else gets the Nexus S (SCH-i515 and GT-i9250)

      • Jdog25

        Yeah even after almost 2 years people still forget what the Nexus line stands for.

      • MarcusDW

        I hope you know I’m not concerned with the rest of the world. By VZW exclusive, I mean Best Buy won’t carry it for TMO, Sprint, or ATT nor will those carriers carry it in stores.

        The i9250 is a Euro device and the SCH-i515 is on VZW… So where is the other US model??

  • technohead95

    Apple has made two big mistakes. The first was when it started the whole thing with Samsung. The second mistake was when it recently knocked back Samsung’s offer of truce in Australia (which probably would have led to world wide truce). No sympathy for Apple. Hope it stings them like hell and they are forced to stop bullying other companies and going back to competing at producing better quality products.

  • technohead95

    Also, does this teaser picture from Samsung imply the phone will have a really curved screen? It looks more curved than the Nexus S. I’m not sure I would like that but time will tell whether it is actually curved and whether it is something I would like.

  • matt88si

    Hit them where it hurts, Sammy! Bring down the hammer! Wooooooo!!!

  • user311

    Even if Samsung wins with litigation, they will definitely win next week with innovation. Apple has truly handed the round to android, the iPhone update was really lame. Time to sell Apple stock and pick up Samsung. This time next week, we’ll see exactly how a “copy cat” company’s product will seduce a nation.

    • Ryan Hietpas

      You’ve seduced me with your words.

    • ari_free

      it’s one thing for soccer moms to buy the latest iphone but why would any tech addict care for a new phone with no 4G?

  • Big R

    Don’t join Apple in the battle. Be the better company. The iSuck 4s was a joke to announce. Let them die on their own. Well, the patent suit may speed the killing up a little more, so go for it!!

  • Bis

    Apple is going to have to start earning their money again. That’s great.

  • Sean Livingston

    Does anyone know if the specs of both the SCH-i515 and GT-i9250 will be the same, aside from the mobile radios? I just get the scary feeling that the Verizon version just won’t be as outstanding or something…

  • DannyB2

    Samsung should quote Steve Jobs who put it best: They should invent their own technology and stop stealing ours!

    Google: partner with everyone, sue no one.
    Apple: partner with no one, sue everyone.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Thats why Apple didnt release their iPant 5..Samsung allready warned them, but who cares…im not Apple fan!
    Go Samsung, you deserve! Anyone who compare with Asian, will get a hard kick in their ass!

  • chuckles87

    apple shouldn’t have bit the hand that feeds

  • DYNK

    go SAMMY GO