Motorola Buys Up Various ‘RAZR’ Domains [DROID RAZR]


Domain purchases tell so much, yet at the same time oh so little. This time, brand protection service CSC seems to have been contracted by Motorola to buy up several RAZR domains.

The selection includes domains such as MotorolaRAZR.net and other combinations of “Moto” and “RAZR” alongside various spellings of the latter. These likely won’t be used by Motorola as they’re just trying to make sure no one creates a website using their name and trademarks.

But why now? The RAZR brand is ancient in phone years. Recent rumors have suggested that Motorola would be bringing back the brand in the form of a DROID RAZR, an Android smartphone for Verizon.

We usually see domain registration activity pop up around these sorts of releases so we want to believe it’s that. In fact, Motorola’s not doing feature phones anymore last we checked so we’re sure it can’t be a remake of the once-iconic phone. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for more info in the coming months. [via Fusible]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Guess I have to buy the Droid RAZR AND a Nexus Prime. AND a Vigor. Not enough pockets.

  2. I think the vzw toned down version of Nexus Prime will be the RAZR

    1. No, the VZW Version of the Nexus Prime will be the DROID Prime.

      ** At least it better be! PLEASE!!!!!

      1. No. They have to call it the “Nexus Prime,” or so many people will be disappointed..

  3. They do still make feature phones.

  4. I actually own DroidRAZR.com lol :D

  5. Dont you mean Google bought these? Hehehe

  6. @savagejeep that wont happen as “droid” referance is Motorola specific and NEXUS III will be a Samsung product

    1. The Droid brand is owned by Verizon, not by any handset manufacturer. There have been Droids from HTC and Moto.

      Everyone thinks Moto owns Droid because so many of their products have come out on Verizon under this name. Funny how a potential branding disaster for Moto seems to be paying off this way.

    2. Might I remind you of the Samsung DROID Charge?

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