Huawei Honor Gets Checked Out on Video

Huawei isn’t usually known for anything more than budget-priced fodder, but with the upcoming release of their Android-powered Honor they hope to change the aura around their brand. While still not stretching into dual-core powerhouse territory, the Huawei Honor sports a 1.4GHz CPU, 4-inch display, and 8MP camera. While not as cheap as your typical Huawei offering, the handset will retail for a modest $400. A video overview of the Honor has been posted by Greek outlet Techblog giving us a pretty clear look at what to expect. The handset doesn’t look bad at all, and with indications we could see this one in the US the Honor could be a pleasant surprise for smartphone buyers not looking to drop top dollar while still being rewarded with a fairly impressive list of specs. Check out the video below.

[via Techblog]

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  • Epell

    Do you think Samsung can sue Huawei?

  • romma

    It looks like MIUI is running on it.

  • Aymen Schehaider

    nowadays we find :

    #1 : Apple and Samsung
    #2: Htc
    #3, LG
    #4 Huawei

    So even if Huawei has a 1.4 GHz and wirth 8 MP Cam still behinf Otehrs. I think that it will gain new markets and fortify its position

  • Xcelr8ion

    That’s what I was thinking. Man it looks like my old Samsung Vibrant

  • Victois Segunchoux

    we COULD see this one in the US, that’s it, I’m deleting this site from my bookmark and just going to stick to Gizmodo and other tech sites related to the U.S i’m tired of reading about what other countries are going to get. and what the united states might get. besides we all know the if and when the U.S gets a phone that was originally released in other countries first. they end up being completely different, case in point years ago. the Htc hero. the euro version gsm, the american version cdma. the euro version looked great. the american version looked like crap. same goes for the touch pro 2. the euro version was gorgeous. the american one was lame. this has proven to be the same time and time again. this site is the epitome of that old saying… when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing know. maybe in the future try focusing your attention on region of the world. or make multiple sites for multiple region. either way I know I am not the first person to take issue with this. and I doubt I will be the last

    • Chris Rogers

      This is Phandroid, not USADroid. I like Android news from everywhere. Have fun at Gizmodo!