Archos Makes Last Minute Changes To High-End G9 Honeycomb Tablets Before October Launch


Looks like Archos is facing some hiccups with their upcoming 1.5GHz G9 Honeycomb tablets. Apparently, Texas Instruments wont be able to keep their end of the bargain with their 1.5GHz OMAP 4 processors being pushed back until next year. This, in turn, is causing Archos to rethink their gameplan. Rather than delay the October launch of their 10-inch (and higher-end 8-inch) tablets, Archos will instead rename these versions “Turbo” and equip them with slightly overclocked 1.2GHz versions of the dual-core TI processors found in the lower 8GB model. Come next year, when TI is able to get their act together, Archos will re-outfit these “Turbo” versions with the newer TI 1.5GHz OMAP 4 processors. Make sense?

I know, it seems a bit confusing but everything else is business as usual. If you’re still interested in the lower-end, 8-inch Archos 80 G9 8GB with the 1GHz dual-core TI processor, it can be purchased right now for $300 from Archos.

[Facebook via TabletOnline]

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  1. is archos generally a reliable company for tablets? I recently put CM7 on a nook color for my mother and shes loved it. however now my dad is feeling left out with just a kindle. would something like this be a good fit or would i be better off getting another nook? If you have any other suggestions, I would like to stick to around 250-300$

    1. Archos is french, and as with most things french build quality is the main issue. Screens are generally poor and battery life isn’t usually great. Plus this is the first tablet to come with the android market from them. The xoom is down to £300 on amazon here in the UK, can’t be much more in the states, and you’ll get 3.2.

  2. I used to be an avid Archos fan. But the last 3 generations of their tablets that I tried were shitty. So, just ditched them for good. Stay away from them.

    They have the nerve to release a Wifi only tablet that keep dropping the Wifi connection or completely hangs if Wifi use is heavy. What use is a tablet if Wifi doesn’t work!

  3. Never, never a product from the very small (to small) french compagny Archos again.Its so typical that Archos promise things, but things never happens., now with the processor.

    Brand new tablets from Archos has a lot of fail and bugs. After 1 year (Archos 7,0 from last year) is there still lot a problems with bugs and more bugs, force close, bluescreen,- all that is absolutely normal for Archos product. Support: Not at all!

    Go for another product – it could bee Asus Transformer that works strait out of the box, with only a few bugs that don’t affect anything special. Archos products comparede to other tablets is like night and day.

    Buy cheap and you got what you pay for- properly good enough for Nerds there have lot of time, but not for me and you!

    1. Grammar: you should learn it.

  4. Stay away from them. Bad business

  5. @ SK
    My words! Thanks!


    1. you cant order the 1.5ghz versions yet

  7. Its not TI’s fault it TSMC

  8. OCed 1.2 for the same price as the 1.5? or are they dropping the price?

  9. yea archos is horiible owned a tablet and it was the worst thing i ever touched

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