Fujitsu-Toshiba Mobile Introduce The Arrow Z – TI Dual-core Processor, 13MP Camera, HD Display


Fujitsu may be a little late to the Android party — but they’re definitely coming out swinging. Take their latest device, the Arrows Z ISW11F, from Fujitsu-Toshiba Mobile. Besides its rather unique design, the Arrows Z has all the bells and whistles to make the big Android OEM’s shut up and take notice. Oh – yeah and it’s even waterproof.

The Arrow Z comes in 3 flavors: white, black and this fuchsia type color. It also comes with a 4.3-inch 1280×720 resolution display, 13MP rear/1.3MP front facing cameras, Wimax compatibility, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, IR, digital TV tuner and running on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Don’t forget its all powered by a fully capable 1.2GHz dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor. Not too bad, right? While I’m not sure we’ll ever see this device here in the states, the Arrows Z ISW11F will be available in Japan this November.

[Via TalkAndroid]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Where can I get that black tile wallpaper?

    1. i copied the effect with light grid live wallpaper.

      1. it is a nice effect / wallpaper.

        1. Yes very nice wallpaper indeed

  2. That has a definite “Japan” look to it that is sorely missing in US devices. Thin, sleek and functional, without looking like someone pressed the “smooth edges” button too many times. Thus, we will NEVER see it in the US market where the carriers/manufacturers are afraid we’ll hurt ourselves on the non-rounded edges of our phones.

  3. love the look of this phone.

  4. I would be willing to personally go to japan and bring these phones back with me (even if I had to conceal them in my rectal cavity to get them into the country) if i could get it to work on my mobile carrier.

    1. They are waterproof…

  5. Digital tv tuner. Hmmmm

    1. The tv tuner is pretty much a standard feature on all japanese phones.

      1. Cool I guess we’re all moving to Japan

  6. It has WIMAX capability, so we may see it come to Sprint

  7. If this ever came to the US, especially on sprint, I’d sell off my Evo 3D in a second and pay retail on this. I mean, waterproofing, actual HD display, and hopefully nice camera are things I can see myself using much more often. On the other hand, I could see them gimping the TV tuner and IR (Maybe replacing with NFC?), not to mention the design. Still, why can’t they bring these things here?

    1. I would sell the evo3d and pay full price for the epic touch…lol. I would live to see how this device runs with the omap4 and 720p.

  8. I love the lack of the search button. I have used this button maybe twice intentionally and a thousand times accidentally.

  9. And it obviously isn’t trying to copy iphone. As soon as an android phone comes out that has a display that is as good as Samsung’s and is not trying to mimic iphone I’ll be buying it. Tired of the blatant copying and this is looking close. However, I am noticing that a high performance camera may be enough for me to ignore an inferior screen. Someone tell me that there is a display that is competing head to head with Samsung.

    1. what drugs are you smoking. please give me some. This thing couldn’t be any further from an iphone.

      1. I’m pretty sure that’s what he was saying.

    2. Samsung isn’t copying a thing and Iphone 4 design was taken from the LG Prada

    3. oh shut up your nothing more then a dimwit…ask iphone or better known as sour spple to how they liked cpoying lg phones i.e lg prada..go ahead ask them dumbass.

  10. These comments are weird as hell, does anyone else think this device is extremely ugly?

    1. Its absolutely gorgeous what are you talking about?

  11. Why can’t we ever get a phone with a TV Tuner in it Stateside?? Or waterproofing without garbage for specs???

  12. Damnit, that’s a great looking phone. That’s it, I’m moving to Japan.

  13. Yup finaly moving to japan

  14. Nice phone, too bad it won’t come here. It would be nice to have a choice different from the norm that we have in the States. Our choices are getting bland and boring on U.S. Carriers.

    1. No kidding

  15. Only seeing a phone like this makes me feel un-patriotic…


  16. Add in 32gb storage instead of 8gb. Add in an HDMI port (didnt state if it had it or not). Make it Bluetooth 3.0 and bump that to a 1.5 dual core and you will have everyone jumping on this thing in a second!

    Can we have them make the next Nexus phone?

  17. I’d buy that.

  18. Want.

    Always been a big Fujitsu fan. Never been able to afford their laptops, but THIS, I could do.

  19. I’ll take the white one plz!

  20. This is nice phone..
    Where can i buy one?

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