Samsung Plans to Stop Apple By Being More Aggressive

This patent war has been going for a very long time now and Samsung has seemingly had enough of it. After Apple was granted minor victories in a few different countries, Samsung’s vowed to be more aggressive in their efforts to run their business peacefully.

Up until recently, Samsung has only retaliated to Apple’s lawsuits. That’s over, according to Samsung’s Lee Younghee. Instead of waiting for Apple to attack and trying to defend themselves, they’ll become the attackers. Younghee says Samsung is tired of Apple freeriding on their wireless communications patents.

According to an unnamed source of Korea Times’ within Samsung, the only way Apple can avoid being hit heavy in Samsung’s new proceedings would be to strip all wireless communications components out of their phones and tablets. I suddenly need another bowl of popcorn. [via TechCrunch]

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  • Beau Christian

    pass the popcorn plz

  • Jayrock

    i have soda/ice tea and vodka. i think we are good :)

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      A long island sounds good right about now. =X

  • cds0699

    Mmm popcorn.

  • FreakFly

    This needs to be made into a movie. Pirates of Silicon Valley style! I would be first in line to buy it!

    • Chris Medrano

      or download in the market :)

    • CL

      So we can all infringe on their patents too and download the bootleg

    • RoninX

      No more Mr. Nice Guy…

  • Chad

    Wow quit hogging the popcorn, pass it down! :) I don’t know if Samsung can kill the iPhone but I mean sounds like it is possible..If Sammy was successful at killing the iPhone, essentially just leaving everyone with really expensive ipods.. that would be the biggest news in tech history since the PC lol

  • Dvrcowboy

    Nom nom nom…

  • Ilan Cortes

    just bought more kernels :o

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  • Scott Tompkins

    Unleash the fury, Mitch… UNLEASH THE FURY!

  • Drayon

    ahh, love the drama

  • Eye4Detail

    Calm down guys, calm down. Even if Apple strips the phone radios out of the iPhone, they’ll still be able to keep a large user base. I mean it’s not like AT&T users would even know the difference :-D

    • David Cramblett

      Just spit my popcorn every where, sorry!

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    • Jamille Browne

      They would wonder why its so ugly and slow if Samsung stop providing the parts.

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  • DYNK

    Go and kick the S*** outta them Sammy. Some companies just don’t learn. Its not as if others don’t have patents to flash about. Hate Apple so much now. iPhone 5 can’t do better than Galaxy S II. Pathetic way to go about doing business.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Apple needs to calm the fuck down. if their that afraid they should admit it. and also admit their the most hated company in the world. They HAVE NO RIGHT to banned any company since their afraid of competition and afraid of loosing their stocks. Everyone have the right to sell their products no matter what country their in

  • Blueness

    Apple you are stupid. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I knew from the beginning that apple was pushing their luck and it was only a matter of time till Samsung said enough. Lol

  • blue720

    Release the Kraken

  • Liquifire3d

    Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!……..Go get em Sammy!…..Good dog.

  • Jeff432

    A fair compromise would to have both companies agree to stop all of their lawsuits against each other!

    • Adam Diaz

      u cant just b normal like the rest of us and revel in the ignorance of apple huh? u should delete ur post. GO SAMMY, EFF APPLE IN THE A!!! >:)

  • T-REX

    I love apple products. Their phone is nice but love android more. That said it is about time Samsung threw down the gauntlet and stop for the iphone. Apple will of course fins the next best thing….still wouldn’t get me to an iPhone though.

  • william_the_conqueror

    S ftw!
    Kill apple kill kill!
    Job’s black magic gave him the painful cancer.

    • william_the_conqueror

      When you make a pact with the devil, don’t be surprised what’s coming your way.

  • Daniel Marcus

    This is going to be interesting. Especially since Apple has been so nasty to EVERYONE, it’s likely that at the very least Samsung will be or can be joined by LG, Motorola, Google, Sony, HTC, and pretty much everyone who makes an Android device. I wouldn’t be surprised to even see Amazon and Barnes&Noble jump in at some point. Long story short; Apple is about to be apple juice.

  • Robabobbob

    “Samsung’s vowed to be more aggressive in their efforts to run their business peacefully” lol, love the irony! :D