Samsung Goes After Apple in France


After losing a big battle to Apple in Germany where it was ruled that the withstanding injunction against their Galaxy Tab 10.1 would not be lifted, Samsung’s legal team has found something else to do in the meantime while they wait for the opportunity to appeal the ruling.

They’ve taken the battle to the streets of Paris. They’ve sued Apple in France for patent infringements on three different technologies. All iPhones from the 3G upward are included as well as both iPad tablets. It’s odd to see Samsung acting proactively in this instance, but we imagine them getting the jump on Apple in another region before Apple gets a chance to do the same is important. No word was given on which of Samsung’s patents Apple were infringing on. [AFP via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Take THAT crapple!

  2. This starting to look like a text-based version of Risk/monoply
    Apple’s turn: Apple rolls the dice- two 6”s, they win the German court
    Samsung’s turn: They use their get-out-of-jail-card to circumvent the ban and attack Apple in France
    Apple’s turn: They move 4 of their German lawyers to France

    1. >F*%k Apple. (enter)

      “Apple does not want to do that right now.”

  3. Imagine if they could ban the iPhone 5 before its European launch, that would be huge!

    1. that would suck

    2. Iphone5 clearly is outdated. Thats why they are making modifications and further delaying it. No reason for samsung to worry about it

    3. Dude, huge maybe but not good. The reason these patent wars suck is that we need competition to keep the market healthy. iOS drives Android to improve, and Android drives iOS to improve. It’s important to have them both.

      1. yeh, but they should let the consumers fight the battles with their wallets, not play patent wars n courts

        1. I agree wholeheartedly. It sucks that Samsung is in a position where they have to retaliate like this. Everything was fine, and then one day Apple declared “There’s not enough room in this town for the both of us.” In the end, we pay the price if/when one of them goes down.

      2. while apple WAS a good competitor for awhile, cool thing about android is that android can compete within themselves. So I wont miss them all that much even if they’re totally gone.

  4. Go Sammy!

  5. I think it is important to note that Apple’s victory in Germany was based on aesthetic design rather than anything specific to Android (as memory serves). While this makes little difference to Samsung, it is a victory none-the-less for Android insomuch as Apple failed to block the OS in Europe.

  6. this is like world war 3 for them haha

  7. I am an avid android phan, let me just say that. I am also a huge fan of Mac computers, and they are great, and therefore, that makes me an apple fan. My wife owns an iphone, and ts a good phone. But i am sick of apples antics on this. they are a great company, who regardless of what anyone says, is going to make their money. They will make that money, because every time an iOS product is released, millions flock buy them. A testament to that is that the iPhone is still the best selling smartphone on bot ATT and verizon, and it has been out for 15 months. With that said, why do they feel the need to sue people all the time? if they dont sue, and for instance, samsungs products stay on the market, then they should feel great about the fact that they have one phone, that sells as well as any other phone on earth. But, apple being apple, cant just leave it at that. Instead of selling one of, if not the most popular phones world wide, they want to sell the only phone world wide. stupid stupid stupid. iPhone 5 will no doubt be a beast, because it will have the same CPUGPU combo as iPad 2, which we know, at this point is the most powerful mobile processor out. But they cant leave it at that. this is getting out of hand. i use my wifes ipad 2, and my galaxy tab 10.1 and just when i start to appreciate the ipad, i read shit like this. insane.

    1. Well if you have to complement your Apple gear with a Galaxy TAB 10.1, that speaks volumes doesn’t it? Maybe these hyped up Apple products aren’t that great after all.

  8. Crapple is uneatable. Ban it all around the world till Crapple decides to stop harassing its competitors …..!!!!

  9. There is war everywhere, but I wish Samsung the best of luck,

  10. As much as I have not liked Steve and people who know nothing about the history of tech and think Apple created every idea and every damn thing…like Howard Stern…ican not bash them with a straight face because they have made good tech. May not have been built sturdy and strong …but good tech…and so isay in some small ways ican understand Apple Sueing at first…key word is at first…

  11. As much as I hate the patent wars, it’s about time that they get a taste of their own medicine and are put on the defensive.

    The only reason I can think of concerning why Apple is continuing the lawsuits, is they are out of ideas. I don’t think there is a NEW product for them to put out. If there were, they wouldn’t be bothering with this. Their market is saturated and growth is nearly stagnant. Meanwhile, Android is growing at a fairly rapid speed and is out ranking Apple in preferred OS. Sprint may give them a boost, but I don’t think it’ll be by much. If it hasn’t happened with Verizon, it ain’t gonna happen.

    All I know is, if iphone 5 OS has the same look as my 3G, I’ll know that Apple is officially out of ideas. Say what you want about Android, but when it comes to features, Google is much better at that than Apple. Just look at their last I/O conference: automatic shifting in a teleconference, support for external 3rd party USB devices like controllers (as a gamer I love that), android at home, controlling an external piece of equipment with my android device, heck even that goofy face thing.

    iOS???…. what have they done besides make it “snappier” and “more fluid”. Blah, blah blah.

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