Sony Walkman Z Gets Video Preview


We’ve finally got video of the Walkman Z that Sony announced earlier. We expected this thing to take cues from Sony Ericsson’s latest crop of Android phones but Sony has instead decided to go in a different direction and create the UI specifically for Walkman.

After watching the video, we’re glad they did. From this first glance, media management and playback seems robust and flexible and the UI is smooth for the most part. We’re not sure if this device will give us the genuine Android experience (homescreens with widgets) but at least Android market will be in tow. Take a look above, courtesy of DigInfo.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The shots at 1:31 and 2:25 sure LOOK like a homescreen with a widget on it, but I guess we won’t know until someone gets a hands on.

  2. this thing looks bad A$$ for kids that don’t need smart phones yet but its lil much for me to get someone. If they are unlocked that would be even better because by the time they come out cm will prob have ice cream sandwich running already

  3. Now if Sony would just make a Walkman app for Android Phones! I like the look of the interface, but I cant see myself droping 400 bucks for an MP3 player after I drop $300 when I finally upgrade my OG Droid

  4. “We’re not sure if this device will give us the genuine Android experience (homescreens with widgets)…”

    Video at :54 shows homescreen with widgets, too. At about 1:00 the guy interacts with it while the widgets are on the screen…

  5. I want one, but please, please, please, no proprietary Sony connection. A mini-USB connection will do just fine.

    1. It has a micro-usb. Shown in the vid.

  6. Looks very interesting. I especially like that the back is curved specifically so when you put it on a flat surface, the sound kind of comes out of that space. Very cool.

  7. Hopefully they put a good bit of internal storage in these plus a microSDHC slot. If so I’d buy it instantly.

    1. it has 16GB,32GBAnd 64GB versions.

      1. I’d consider getting the 64 if it also had a slot for expansion, that is doubtful though.

        1. sorry i dont know about card slot but iam sure about internal.i checked out sony site


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