HTC Runnymede and Bliss Get Detailed in New Specs Leak, Beats Audio Inside


New leaks are drawing light to the many rumors circulating around two upcoming HTC handsets, the HTC Runnymede and the HTC Bliss. The Bliss will feature a 3.7-inch WVGA display and 1GHz Qualcomm CPU. It features dual cameras on the front and rear, with the latter snapping at 5MP and the former featuring a VGA resolution. The specs are similar to what we would expect out of a high end device coming out sometime in 2010, but in 2011 they create a device on the upper end of the mid-range scale, totally serviceable and most likely at a fair price. It fits the mold that has been cast for the Bliss, a handset designed to be appealing to the fairer of the two sexes. A glowing “charm” indicator is ideal for dangling outside of a purse, alerting the user to calls, texts, and notifications while the handset remains muffled deep in the bottom of the bag. The Bliss is known to be outfitted with Android Gingerbread and a freshly updated version of HTC Sense.

On the other end of the spectrum is the HTC Runnymede, a phone which borrows heavily from the recently announced WP7 HTC Titan. It is similar in size with a gargantuan 4.7-inch display and waistline measuring only 9.9mm thick. Tucked inside you will find a single-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm chip. An 8MP camera is capable of 720p video capture. A big addition, as displayed prominently on the back of the handset in a newly-leaked promo shot, is the inclusion of Beats Audio.

HTC sure has a knack for covering every niche in the smartphone market, and with dual-core beasts like the HTC Vigor also in the lineup it looks like it could be another big holiday season for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

[via ThisIsMyNext, UnwiredView]

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  1. Give me Vigor…

    1. here, take this pill.

  2. Android phones don’t have very good sound stock so I’m happy to see somebody pushing to take some market share from iPods with the Beats tech. Hopefully it’s not just the name but actual improvement.

    1. I agree. Though with that little speaker slit, this is likely featuring only software or processing improvements (which are needed). What I would like to see is the development of new hardware speaker technologies that allow for stereo speakers, while retaining thin phones. Perhaps that’s a pipedream, but I remember the great forward-facing speaker on the Motorola CliqXT (maybe the best part about that phone).

      1. That would be nice, but I’m more worried about the software aspect of it etc. I have plenty of things to plug it into. :)


  3. If this had dual cores, it’d be a total win.

  4. Sprint lets get this going on.

  5. I like the new new sense 3.5 look!

  6. HTC vibrant and powerful brand + superb quality + premium aluminum unibody cases + polished external design + sleek useful HTC SENSE + awesome specs = supersmartphones!

    Google Android 4 ICS FTW!

  7. I’m not a big fan of the giant beats sign and I have a dual core phone and It’s not that drastically faster. The 1.5 ghz processor will be plenty fast. And the silver I don’t really like. Black

  8. I SO WANT THIS PHONE. COM ON AT&T GET THIS PHONE. need to get rid of my crappy Atrix

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