Motorola DROID Bionic Twitter Account is Fake


You’ve probably seen “confirmation” of the DROID Bionic’s September 8th release date running rampant. This is due to a @DroidBionic twitter account that posted such information, claiming it to be “official” and posing as an officially-sanctioned account of Verizon’s answer release questions and generating buzz.

Unfortunately, we must inform you all that this account is a fake as confirmed by Verizon and Motorola themselves. We figured as much due to the fact that whoever was behind that account typed like they’d just graduated from the third grade.

We also kind of have a knack for how to spot out who’s PR and who’s not, so we didn’t elect to report the rumor when it originally started to spread. And that’s the story – don’t trust ANYTHING you read on that twitter account (though we still encourage you to keep an eye out on September 8th). [via PCMag]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. LOL I am so sick of hearing about this phone lolol.
    I dont plan on buying it myself but i do want to check
    it out at the store whenever it gets released…sometime
    this century

  2. Um… Duh?

  3. idiots like these (who created that twitter accnt) make twitter an even crappier place

    1. Is that even possible? Anyone considering a twitter account as a reliable source of information needs to have their head examined. Likewise for any company that uses a Twitter account as an official communication channel.

  4. Wikipedia confirmed the September 8th release so I don’t know why you would now say this is fake.

    :waits for first response:

    1. lol, wikipedia huh. thats a solid source there buddy. You do understand that wikipedia is written and editted/ updated by everyday people like you and me. Think before you type please lol

      1. aaaaaand there it is.

        Sucker born every minute.

        1. Hahahaha pwnt.

        2. Bwahhah you TOTALLY owned Wookie.. And you even CALLED it..
          Some people just don’t get sarcasm…LOL

        3. And this is how you successfully troll, people

  5. This is the “Chinese Democracy” of Android phones.

  6. You guys are going to mock someone’s writing abilities? Maybe you should check some of your own stories and titles. You guus need to look at Chris’s articles.

  7. It has to be fake because Motorola has changed the name of the device. It is now known as the “Droid Cryonic”. The change was due to customer resentment 4 weeks after purchasing when they realize they were lied to about purchasing the best phone on VZW. The name change is being implemented so the customer knows the outcome once they buy it.

    qHD vs SAMOLED HD = no comparison
    Pentile vs SAMOLED HD = no comparison
    Dual core 1.0GHz vs 1.5GHz = give me 50%
    Locked bootloader vs Google Nexus = easy choice
    Android x.x.x vs Ice Cream = give me Ice Cream

    Not much going for it at this point.

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