More HTC Sensation Devices Added to Official Bootloader Unlock Support List


The initial list of devices supported by HTC for an official way to unlock their bootloaders was small, but they have since been working to add more. The most recent update sees no new phone models, but we do get support for HTC Sensation units in other regions and on other carriers. We’ve got T-Mobile getting in on the fun as well as Turkish and Arabic units. We also have French carrier Boygues Telecom’s version on the list. If any of you have devices that fit the bill here and don’t want to use community-brewed methods, get on over to HTC’s site now (note: this may void your warranty). [HTCDev, Thanks Jack!]

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  1. I want to see the fool which will use official tool that is enforcing lose of warranty.

  2. For the small minority, or the vast majority depending on how you want to look at it, the whole voiding of ones’ warranty should be limited. Those who are hard core phone tweakers will without a doubt NOT use the official method only because of the likelihood of them doing something to their phone like over clocking or un-branding, or whatever firmware adjustment, is quite high. Others who are looking to use Titanium Back up, get rid of some bloatware, maybe freeze Sense, don’t have a hell of a lot to worry about because that really won’t screw up the phone. Obviously there will be mistakes, but it’s nothing that an unroot/reset won’t cure. I’m almost positive that if the phones screen get’s washed out, or it begins to develop memory errors, or anything from the laundry list of knows issues continue to surface with this device keep popping up, the warranty will cover it regardless. None of that really matters anyway in the long run because it’s just a matter of time before a simple 1-click method or something just as easy surfaces to root and unroot this device without “the man” being none the wiser.

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