Motorola FLIPSIDE Gets Android 2.2 Update

While it isn’t nearly as exciting as an upgrade to Gingerbread, the lowly Motorola FLIPSIDE for AT&T has been lifted into the good graces of Android 2.2. The update is available as a downloadable file to be flashed from a microSD card, and Moto provides full instructions over at their support site. Aside from the possibility of a maintenance update or two down the road, this is probably the end of the line in terms of new Android versions for FLIPSIDE owners, so get it while the going’s good.

[via Motorola | Thanks, Drew!]

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  • Francisco Cordova

    Poor poor bastards. *sigh* I feel sorry for all 10 people in the US population that own this creature of a phone.

  • ReverseRoxas

    Bad phone and carrier in one.. Well at least you got FroYo.

    • Komewp

      wait, some android phones didnt have froyo? LOL…. you’re joking.

  • DarrenR