MIUI Phone Officially Announced – Meet the MI-ONE by Xiaomi


You may have seen the occasional post on Phandroid about this ROM called MIUI. It was originally created from the ground up using the Android open source code and eventually, evolved into this — lifestyle (yeah, I said it). After gaining a huge worldwide following with the Android developer community and support for multiple devices thanks to its huge fanbase, MIUI has finally found a home. That’s right. A company by the name of Xiaomi has designed a superphone called the MI-ONE/Millet suitable for arguably, the world’s most beautiful Android UI. If the looks of the device haven’t quite swayed you, maybe the specs will.


  • Unlocked bootloader!
  • 4-inch 480×854 resolution screen
  • Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S3 (MSM8260)
  • 266MHz Adreno220 GPU
  • 4GB ROM
  • 1GB RAM
  • Up to 32GB Micro-SD card support
  • 8MP Rear Camera
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • 1930mA battery capable of 15 hours of battery life
  • GPS (U.S. GPS and Russian GLONASS;)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 125 * 63 * 11.9 (mm)

Other specs:

  • x3 Capacitive touch buttons (Menu, Desktop, Back  key)
  • Side USB (micro) port
  • Volume button (side)
  • Powerbutton (side)
  • MI-Button (Customisable button for application of your choice)
  • 149g weight


  • Interchangeable back covers in variety of different colors (currently 7 with more to follow) along with matching spare batteries
  • Other “MI” Accessories to be launched such as a phonestand and little Android headphones just to name a few

And the best part? The MI-ONE will be made available August 29th and for the insanely low price of ¥1999, which roughly translates into $310 U.S. dollars or €207 Euros. Oh, and did I mention it comes stock with a fully functional Android 2.3.4 MIUI ROM!?

I mean, really. I’m hoping this phone will be a success in its homeland of China and maybe get some international attention from Samsung or LG who could definitely use a UI makeover. Any of our readers thinking of importing the MI-ONE once more details are released? Would any of you mind seeing Samsung or LG license this UI in their devices?

[Via MIUIAndroid]

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  1. Definetly thinking about it. Especially since it should be under 400 to get it imported

  2. Woooot2! That’s some impressive specs. The design is also pretty nice.

  3. For that price I would import it.

    1. That’s the price of a wildfire here..

  4. Wow, with that and The Meizu MX china are stepping up in the phone game. South Korea watch out.

  5. I am just going to have to try their stable rom for the HTC Desire. I have 16 months to go on my contract. What will be available then the mind just joyfully boggles.

    1. Yeah, there are going to be some cool phones out in 16 months, but an even cooler phone will be announced for “sometime soon” after that.

  6. Interface looks terribly basic to be honest.

    1. Clearly you’ve never actually used an android device with MIUI on it. It’s the antithesis of basic. It’s almost unbelievably complete and complex.

      1. wouldn’t want a complex interface mind. I’ve not used amiui interface, saw one the other day that looked far more interesting than the one above.

        I’m in the mind for flashing my og desire, so keeping an eye out.. but not really sure if CBAd unless there’s something truly special out there.

        1. Nothing in the world is more special than MIUI. NOTHING. =p

          1. yeah!! nothing!!!

  7. I use the HTC EVO4g. Really not sure why this Miui phone is a big deal? I’m thinking the better deals are yet to come from Google/Motorola? The Miui rom is a good rom I switch to from time to time. The Cyanogen Nightlies keeps me pretty satisfied, too. I’m a little concerned about China and their development.

    1. This phone is little more than half the price of any comparable phone (there are only 7 dual-core phones amongst all of the US carriers). The only phones that will be price competitive with this will be ones bought second hand off of Craigslist and eBay.

      The specs are impressive. Performance is obviously top of the line for the moment. The screen is at least respectable in resolution. It is pegged to have a significantly larger battery than every other Android phone except the Atrix (this is what you get when every manufacturer tries to do the same thing just a little bit better instead of innovating). It will more than likely come carrier unlocked and support a large set of frequencies.

      The vast majority of our smartphones are made in Southeast Asia. HTC itself is a Taiwanese company and at least some of its phones are manufactured in China. I’d rather pay the Chinese directly than give the honors to the American companies that have shipped all of their manufacturing jobs to them.

  8. For 310? Im importing this.

    1. you guys are funny. The reason why it is so cheap is bcuase it lacks the research and development of bigger companies. More things are likely to be problematic long termn. Cmon you guys should be suspicious of anything “made in China” {i like China btw just not their products}

      1. I think you meant “developed in China,” go look at the stamp on the back of your phone, I bet it was made in China..

        1. yeah!damn right!

      2. 看来你是不喜欢中国生产的东西啊,貌似很大一部分iPhone都是在中国组装起来的吧。

  9. what 3g frequencies will it support? Will it be compatible with at&t?

  10. Those specs are amazing except for that screen resolution. With everything else that phone has, it is a shame they felt short there.

  11. not really keen on miui. i checked it out because everyone raved about it. found it underwhelming and quickly removed. but there are a lot of themes, some nice specs to this phone so i could live with it if i had too lol. with any custom interface theres gona be people who think its the best thing since sliced bread and others who find it annoying and unnecessary. id rather have a phone with an optimised SPB ui.

    im just wondering if they can get away with the design of the phone and not have Apple knocking on their door with a lawsuit. its a black rectangular phone. theyve copyrighted that. lol

  12. Are the still basing, well kanging, the Rom from CM7? Because thats kinda low, to kang the volunteer work of devs and then turn a profit.

    1. MIUI isn’t really making the money. Xiaomi is building the phone, not MIUI. It’s just using MIUI as it’s default ROM. Plus, the whole basing off of CM7 is done by MIUI devs to get the ROM working on all the different phones. That isn’t an issue with a phone that is designed to run MIUI.

  13. If they come out with a QWERTY version, I’m sold.

    1. Sooner or later you are going to have to give up the physical keyboard. More and more OEMS are already giving up on them. You will never get the most up-to-date phone if you have to have a keyboard.

      1. In other words, more OEMs are trying to come up with Apple clones. No thanks.

        1. I cannot stand people who say that.

          Putting a touchscreen on a rectangular body is copying?

          What is another way a smartphone could be done? Circle touchscreen on a Triangle body?

          And that was done long before the iPhone.

          1. Actually, yes – Russian design firm Art Lebedev came up with a circular smartphone with a circular screen, so it is possible (not saying that it’s practical, admittedly).

            Even still, the point of Android was your phone, your way; that it was supposed to come in a variety of shapes. There is nothing inherently wrong with a pure touchscreen phone…but there is nothing wrong with a keyboard slider (for those of us who want that) or for the Blackberry style (for those who want that, like Droid Pro folks).

            I do use my softboard, but all in all, I prefer to use a keyboard – that’s my choice. Plus, believe it or not, not everyone needs the most-up-to-date phone. I have the original Droid. I like the Droid Bionic, but I’m holding out for the next Droid (not buying the 3 because it doesn’t have LTE, but that’s a different matter), so I don’t have to have “the latest and greatest.” That’s market choice right there.

            To deny a market segment is merely parroting Henry Ford: “you can have it in any color, so long as it is black.”

          2. Well yeah, I was saying that wouldn’t be practical. Most likely, nobody would buy a circular phone.

            Im just saying from what I have noticed. OEMs are putting their effort into phones with no keyboard. Usually, if you want the highest specs you can get at the time of upgrade, you will have to get a full touchscreen. Then a QWERTY phone with the same specs will come out a few months later. Just look at the Evo and Evo Shift.

          3. Mitch, I should point out that the Evo Shift has lower specs than the Evo. 800mhz processor, has trouble running 2.3 stock.

          4. It wasn’t a phone, it was a satnav system

        2. You mean how Apple cloned Palm for phones and then cloned Knight Ridder (1994) for the Tablet? Nobody is “trying” to clone anyone anymore than cats have 4 legs because they were cloning dogs, horses, or sheep. There is an optimal path. That optimal path will always be taken by whoever is successful, because its a requirement for success. But it is in no way “cloning” anymore than the current mobile apps were cloned from the Apple app store, which were predated by Blackberry, which were predated by Palm, which were… etc.

          As long as there is no round computer monitor, there is no round phone. So… Apple is cloning the LCD? No.


  14. It will work properly outside China? it runs all Android apps just fine?

    1. you know,,,it’s based on Android….
      so,in another word,,,miui is an android system,,,

      you can run all android apps on M1 JUST FINE!

  15. Apple will def sue them if it gets bigger….miui is just too much like ios

    1. Yeah I was wondering about that…. There has to be SOME kind of bogus patent Apple has that MIUI is infringing upon.

  16. thats one big ass battery

  17. As long as you install a launcher its a decent rom (not a big fan of the iOS feel). I’m running it on my DX. the speed is nice.. will be tons better once they work the rest of the bugs out.

    on the phone side. thats a good looking phone. Will there be an issue installing apps from the market due to ‘phone not compatible’?

    1. Yeah I immediately looked at that thing and was like, ew, it’s a fancy iPhone.

  18. MIUI is such a buggy ROM. Now a CM phone, then we’d be talking.

    1. Wouldn’t a Cm phone be basically a Nexus phone? Just sayin…

  19. Calling it “fully functioning” is a stretch, Chris.

    Unless of course you don’t need multimedia messaging functionality.

    1. Is that like…email? o_O

      1. It is like email, but different, and because it’s a built-in feature of Android, saying a ROM that doesn’t have it working (or, apparently, any interest in making it work) is “fully functioning” is incorrect.

        1. My Inspire with MIUI does MMS just fine….

    2. How often do you really “need” MMS? Anthony Weiner? It can do e-mail…

      1. Nice try at relevant topical humor, there, buddy. Too bad Anthony Weiner used Twitter.

        And if you travel, like I do, have a girlfriend with a feature phone that doesn’t do email easily, and a small child that you enjoy seeing every day, then you “need” MMS pretty frequently, like multiple times daily.

  20. 15 hour battery life off a 1940mA battery?

    1. they said 2 days of battery life

  21. “maybe get some international attention from Samsung or LG” WAIT!! WHAT?? Are you joking? Hahahah the people that own MIUI would never patent or sell their shit to Samsuck or LG who cant even make a screen. Idk what you were talking about but this phone and rom already have World Wide attention.

  22. Does it have a big enough port in which one can have sex?

    I want to have sex with it.

  23. Meh. Call me when TeamBAMF develop for it.

    Until then, my BAMF’d Thunderbolt SkyRaider molests it, non-consentually.

  24. Am wondering is this phone support multi-touch?
    If so, this would be a very attractive price range for such a “super” phone… :)

    1. yes,,it does!
      some one from taiwan has compared it with the new samsung i9100,,,

      to be honest ,,,M1 is better

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