NFC Enabled HTC PH85110 Passes FCC – AT&T/T-Mobile Bound?


We just heard about the HTC “Stunning” a few days ago. Just as a refresher, that device was essentially the Incredible S variant heading to China with full NFC capabilities. Well, a mysterious PH85110 HTC device just passed through the FCC and apparently this guy is packing NFC capabilities of its own in addition to AT&T/T-Mobile GSM bands (850, 1900 and WCDMA bands II, IV,V). Unfortunately, that’s all we were able to gather from this filing so we’ll have to wait and see if HTC is in fact, planning to bring this device stateside.

[Via WirelessGoodness]

Chris Chavez
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  1. All I can say: it’s a 4,3″ slate with qhd-resolution and dualcore cpu. That’s all u hear from me :)

  2. Ow, and it’s on Android 2.3 :)

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