HTC Puccini Looking At A September/October Launch

During a press conference at the Taiwan Stock Exchange, HTC’s CFO, Winston Yung let it slip that his company’s 10-inch Puccini tablet will be launching sometime in September or October. Yung also mentioned that HTC has been performing particularly well in Asian markets with sales in China to increase four-fold this year. The number of sales outlets for HTC smartphones in China is currently at 650, and because of the company’s increased performance, will increase to 2,000 by the end of the year. The HTC Puccini could be officially unveiled at an event on September 1st so this new development definitely falls into line with that time frame. Anyone else looking forward to HTC’s first dual-core powered Honeycomb tablet? Or will it be too little, to late for the Puccini?

[Via BGR and Digitimes]

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  • jaestoner01

    FFirst …!!!
    I’ll get one foh-sure …

  • Fap Gadget

    Is it tegra 2 or scorpion?

  • Sam Keaser

    Has it been confirmed that it’s dual core? Because if it is I would assume it would be clocked at above 1 GHz.

    I wouldn’t discount the idea that it could have more than two cores; with a tablet this late in the game I have to assume HTC has something up their sleeve. Perhaps a RAM increase.

    • Chris Chavez

      You would HOPE that but knowing HTC…
      I think it’s actually been confumored that this will come with a dual-core Snapdragon.

  •!/MJRxx?refid=0 Marvin Rodriguez

    Wop woop yes my christmas wish list has started and this bad boy is first on my list.

  • Jens Zalzala

    It’ll depend on Sense UI and stylus performance.
    As long as Sense UI doesn’t replace any base functionality, as it does on their phones, I might be game. I could really use a tablet with a proper stylus.

  • Alex Castillo

    After looking at this picture I realized that the Puccini has three speakers. Could this be HTC’s first device with Beats audio in it?

    • Chris Chavez

      I noticed that too and it’s been driving me crazy.. I don’t think the speakers indicate Beats though. Not sure.

  • Greg Huddleston

    I like my HTC EVO 4G View a lot… I might trade up to the 10 inch depending on how well the pen is integrated into the updated OS that will be on this new unit.