Data Shows that Two-Thirds of In-App Purchases Are On “Consumable Goods”


If you’re an Android app developer, you may want to listen up. Flurry Analytics was conducting some research on the spending habits of users who download freemium games (games that are free but offer in-app paid content) on Android and iOS and their findings were pretty interesting. Apparently, the average in-app purchase averages to about $14 which, even for someone who spends $60 on “big boy games” sounds like an awful lot.

What may be more surprising is that out of the 57 million transactions, 2/3rds of the items bought from inside an app are for consumable goods. These are items that are quickly depleted and have almost no lasting value for a user. For instance, these could be life-potions for quickly gaining HP, grenades for defeating that difficult boss battle — things like that. But out of all these consumable goods, the data did show that the most popular of these was good ‘ol digital cash used to progress further in a game. This is great for both users and developers because a user will be less likely to abandon a game out of frustration (we’ve all been there) and the developer continues to cash in on the user’s progression.

So if you’re an app developer looking to make some big bucks, according to Flurry’s data, you may want to consider offering some in-app digital currency to that “Zombie Ninjas from Hell” title you’ve been working so hard on.

[Via GigaOM]

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  1. That’s why all of my Zen from Zenonia 3 was free, HexEditor does wonder if you have the right guide. ;) I ain’t spending 5-30 dollars on consumable stuff like that! D:

    1. been doing this for a while as well.

      1. What exactly is a “HexEditor?” Is that like GameGenie? o_O

        1. One could say (: You get to edit your game’s savefile ;)

  2. Wouldn’t this make sense? If it’s consumable, you have to buy it more than once. Of course it will have more purchases than something you only buy once. This data is no surprise at all.

    1. I would think people would purchase in game items like new outfits, armor, weapons, things of that nature. Or they wouldn’t be spending that much on in game currency. $14 is a lot to spend for an app game..

      1. But when you think about things like game subscriptions, SMS credits, and calling time, it seems pretty reasonable. I think what the data shows most is that consumable in-app purchases cost a lot more than “durable” purchases.

        I bet bulk SMS/Calling and other service purchases account for a good portion of that $14 average figure.

    2. Personally I would have thought most purchases would be of things like levels or characters (not really “consumable”). On the other hand if you’re making someone buy a consumable like “digital cash” to then buy levels or characters, it’s all semantics really.

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