Original DROID Incredible’s Gingerbread Update Sure is Coming, According to this .PDF

Need ultimate evidence that the DROID Incredible definitely is getting Android 2.3 following rumors that it had been scrapped? The trusty users at AndroidForums.com have uncovered the .PDF file on Verizon’s servers detailing the update. When we see this, that usually means the update is right around the corner. Anything can happen, of course, but I’d venture to guess we won’t go too far into the week without hearing official word of rollout plans from Verizon. [Verizon via Androidforums.com]

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  • NightAngel79

    Now that was quick Quentyn. :D
    Finally some GB love for us Incredible users:)

  • Jeff

    Good news, indeed. I had contacted HTC and verizon in mid june and both said that no update was planned. It seems they may have been incorrect. Let’s hope.

  • Dwasilew

    Awesome! I cannot wait for this to become a reality.

  • Jeremy

    Quick? This phone is basically a cousin to the nexus one and should have been one of the first to get gingerbread.

    • NightAngel79

      A cousin to Nexus?!?!? Really? How do you figure that? Nexus is a official google developer phone, Incredible is a HTC phone with a UI over top???

      Not even close

      • UHF3

        Uhhh…very close. The Incredible and Nexus are manufactured by the same company, HTC, and the hardware is practically identical. So, “cousins” is a very accurate term in this case. The only thing that holds the Incredible back from OS updates is Sense and Verizon.

        • NightAngel79

          The comparison to nexus 1 update is what i think is not related ‘at all’.

          • UHF3

            Your statement makes no sense.

  • UHF3

    Too little too late HTC. And it’s pointless without Sense 3.0 BTW, I already have it, and with Sense 3.0 (you know something the incredible can’t handle).

    • D K

      What ROM are you running with Sense 3.0? I’d like to try it out too.

      • UHF3

        For Froyo with Sense 3.0 check out “Business GingerSense 3.0 (8/11/11 V1.6)” by NilsP. Or, Gingerbread with Sense 3.0 look for “Sensation ReWiND 3D-[2.3.4]-[Sense 3.0]” by JoelZ9614. Both ROMs are made by XDA Recognized Developers and can be found in the Droid Incredible Android Development forum at XDA Developers.

  • JulianZHuang

    i got great battery life from cm7, if i installed this, i need to carry a charger :(

  • Parkersrounds

    makes me like my phone [] more. Almost a year and half after production and still getting updated, however slightly slower than expected. Should hold me off ’til the vigor and/or next nexus. Just got a 3500 spare battery pack, for $11, too.

  • ReverseRoxas

    I can just imagine the people who saw “Origional Droid” and “Gingerbread” and jumped out of their seats to only find disappointment. Sad stuff guys, sad stuff.

  • http://www.thewordofjoe.com/ z3ro

    verizonwireless.com/system_update/htc_incredible.html" rel="nofollow">http://support.verizonwireless.com/system_update/htc_incredible.html

    Says it’s coming soon. We’ll see. Maybe then we can have 720p video support in CyanogenMod.