Motorola Rep Stops by the Verizon Store With DROID Bionic in Hand

Preach2k posted these images he found on Howard Forums from a user by the name of ceb unit after he had a brief run in with a Motorola rep today at his local Verizon store. Once again, we have even more pics of the Motorola DROID Bionic but this time, also captured was the optional laptop dock for the device.

I know most of you are probably tired of waiting for this device but according to Preach2k and multiple other sources, that Sept. 8th date sounds pretty solid. Not too much longer, guys!

Once again, thanks, tehsusenoh!

[Via AndroidForums]

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  • tehsusenoh

    I try to tip this as soon as possible, but it seems Android Central got there first.

    • Chris Chavez

      I saw! By 8 minutes! Arrgh! =p

      • tehsusenoh

        Maybe I should start tipping these with my real name…

  • jt O’Brien


  • Brian

    That shit looks hot

  • Ericmarkwilliams

    I so couldn’t wait for this device to come out to replace my Droid X, but now with the Vigor possibly dropping 30 days later with an HD screen and 1.5 dual core. Sorry Moto. Is it me or does the keyboard look like a crazy fake one you see at furniture stores?

  • TheBlueF0x

    Yep, when I first heard of it I was interested, but now with the SGS II coming along and the Vigor, I think I’ll wait for one of those.

    I do wish Verizon would get the Nexus Prime or whatever Nexus phone comes out next, but if they don’t, I may just jump ship to AT&T because one is just as evil as the next.

    • SladeNoctis

      AT&T? I would rather be with a evil company with fast speeds than a company that has 4G thats unknown. Btw im with Sprint but AT&T…..come on lol.

  • chris125

    Damn this phone looks huge. But it’s too late moto got my eye on the vigor and revolution 2. Most likely the revolution if rumors turn out to be true dual core, lte, thin as iphone 4.

    • Ericmarkwilliams

      I was thinking the same about the size. Either she has small hands or dang that’s a big phone.

      • chris125

        It does seem she has smaller hands but still that looks like a damn tablet. I can only imagine how it will look in a pocket you wont be able to bend your leg when you walk. I think moto screwed this one up. Unless this is really light it is huge and from the side shots looked very thick, close to or thicker than the tb.

    • DrizzyGadget

      Looks like a fullscreen remote control

      • chris125

        ha one of those high tech huge remote controls lol

    • zepfloyd

      Good luck seeing the Rev2 before January…

      • chris125

        I’m in no rush. I’d rather wait for something I want rather than settle just based something is out before it.

        • zepfloyd

          to each their own, but it’s just a terrible argument, there’s always something better coming

          • chris125

            I know there is but what I’m looking for the revolution 2 seems to have that from the rumors. It’s not about waiting for something better I want a thinner phone with larger screen and lte. I didn’t say anything about waiting for something better. We have choice which is a good thing like ibsaid I have a tb and can hold out for later since the bionic isn’t really that much of an upgrade for me. A dual core and a little more memory yet locked down which is no good when tHese companies take forever to update their phones.

          • zepfloyd

            that’s a fair point, but expect to wait for a while for 1 of 2 reasons. Right now there is no such thing as a thin LTE phone, All LTE chipsets are 1st gen and big. The thinner, 2nd gen/28nm chips don’t come up for sampling to OEMs until Q4 and actual public release in 2012. So either the rumors are false about the Rev2 (quite possible) or you won’t be seeing it any time soon.

            Personally I think LG is trash these days, heck even Apple dropped them as a supplier for screens. Moto may have a bootloader problem but you can’t really top their build quality, antenna design/strength, and battery life *cough* HTC sucks terribly at *cough* so who else are you left with? Samsung, maybe, but certainly the worst at updates. Google is going with OMAP4 for the next Nexus and platform dev for ICS/4.0 which the Bionic has, so seems good enough for me.

  • WickedToby741

    Should have gotten it out sooner because now I (and it looks like a lot of others) am at least going to wait and see what the Vigor has to offer and maybe Verizon’s SGSII. If Moto would have launched it in the summer like they should have, I’d already have it, but now I’m reconsidering. They’ve likely lost my business.

  • Erick Bernal

    Phone Is Over Rated Plain And Simple.. Yes I’ve Played With It, It’s Nothing Special With Blur On It, It Still Feels Like A Single Core

    • Immolate

      Photos or yer makin’ it up.

      • Erick Bernal

        *Shrug* Ok I’m Making It Up, Don’t Need To Lose My Job Over A Photo Of A Phone Thats Well Known

        • zepfloyd

          then you wouldn’t… you defeated your own point troll.

      • allansm

        I don’t understand why you don’t believe he’s played with it.

        He plays with it every night.

    • TalkingMoose

      Yeah, not buying that story. Anyone who has used the Droid3 knows that the blur interface is virtually non-existent is you don’t want it there, and there is no noticeable performance hit with it.

  • Capt’n Sobin

    that is larger than 4.3…..

    • RyanP22

      that is exactly what i said. I sure hope its 4.5.

      • Alexander Ramirez

        Nah, man, it’s gotta be 4.4…..

        • RyanP22

          LMOA :)

  • UniqueNate

    Its just Verizon’s version of the Atrix. Sprint got the Photon. They all are the same phone. Idk what’s the hype for. Moto just pushed it to every carrier. Since the Gingerbread update the Atrix has this same new moto skin or w/e you want to call it on it as well. Very sloppy by holding this back for so long. If its a phone that will hit multiple carriers they all should have same release date or same month. Even same name. Variations of the same phone is a fail marketing wise. If you make a great phone and keep the same among all carriers then consumers will see it as that one phone. Otherwise consumers will see the same phone with different names as two different devices. Confusion.

    I also think Google should have just made one tablet.

    • Andrew

      Uhh…. Better processor? Bigger screen? (I know this doesnt make it a better camera but) 8 megapixel camera? I think it has HDMI 1.4 compared to 1.3 Thats just off the top of my head. Its not the same phone…

    • Immolate

      Um, LTE?

    • BrianB13

      They aren’t the same phone. The hype on the Bionic is that it will be the first dual core 4g LTE phone in existence. The Atrix and the Photon do not have a 4g LTE radio in them. They held it back to get this unique combination to work together and have good battery life at the same time. Sounds like they have done it. The Atrix can’t record at 1080p and it can’t handle Netflix either. It also has a smaller screen than the Bionic. The Targa (Bionic) didn’t come along until after the Atrix was already released.

  • Bryant Jeffery

    I don’t understand the hype about this phone. The only difference between this and the already available Photon is a TI processor instead of Nvidia.

    • Immolate

      The difference between Photon and Bionic that matters is Bionic is on Verizon.

      • MensahWatts

        kinda got a good point there sir

  • BrianB13

    Its amazing how people react to a photo. You don’t know how big her hands are but we know how big the display is. People are making a lot of assumptions here concerning the Stratosphere and Vigor. I can almost guarantee you that if either of these phones are 4g LTE, they will be thick or battery life on them will totally suck. Especially on the Vigor which has a higher resolution to dirve plus a faster processor.

    I don’t see how you can make a decision concerning which phone to get until all three of them are available you place them in your own hand and decide which one you want. Especially when we don’t know anything about the Stratosphere and only a couple of things about the Vigor.

    • MensahWatts

      No its not really…I and many others can surely see how big the phone is in itsself, but if you cant see what I and many others see (which clearly is a bigger screen) then you are the one who is blind to this photo…bro…just sayin y0

  • ajm531

    Maybe its just me or the rep has small hands but that looks like a 4.5 inch screen to me.

  • Damar1979

    Actually, the photon is called “photon 4g” for a reason. It does have a 4g radio installed on there. As well as the ability to access cdma as well as gsm radios.

    • Evertroy

      but its WiMax 4G, he was talking about LTE 4G

  • Carlos

    It’s a girl’s hands people! what’d ya expect? For a petite girl to have huge hands?…

  • MensahWatts

    Wellll Chris and all of Phandroid, sure looks much bigger than 4.3…ithink you all should stop calling it 4.3 from here on out until you know what the screen size really is…maybe theres two of them? One 4.3 and one 4….whatever…anyhey this one in the pic is sho bigger than 4.3…

  • ZeoVGM

    … And now it looks like a 4.5″ screen again. WTF.

  • Adnaan Zaffer

    Its NOT 4.5″. The reason it looks like that is because no one is paying attention to the thick as hell bezel around the screen. The screen, from one edge to another diagonally across, is 4.3″. THEN we have this black bezel surrounding the screen on all sides, so add a quarter of an inch perhaps. THEN there’s the frame of the device around that.

    The Droid X2 does NOT have this bezel around the screen and hence, looks a lot smaller/shorter from all sides.

  • Mensahwatts

    yeah, yeah Adeena…comment one, we all can see the body size y0 still looks bigger than my X screen…

  • rushmore

    Why do folks keep assuming a 4.5″ display when Moto’s own spec page shows 4.3″? The bionic has a big a55 bezel to accomodate the LTE and big battery.

  • B J

    At this point…. I’m waiting for the Vigor…. 720p, HTC, and a speaker that may be usable…. ya

  • Carlos Vasquez

    shoot thats DAM BIG!!!! wow not trying to show off but, the Atrix has many of the same specs except for the screen, and the LTE part. I really dont care that its thick because of the LTE readio, i normally get between 6-8mbps down on my Atrix and its a beast with GB on it now I: