Nvidia Has A Bright Future Ahead Of Them And It’s All Thanks To Android


Looks like Nvidia is doing alright for themselves these days and it’s all thanks to Android. Okay, to be fair, it also has a little to do with a mobile chip they like to call the Tegra 2. Nvidia’s forecast for their 3rd quarter revenue earnings is higher than what many analysts were expecting. Nvidia expects a 4%-6% revenue growth for Q3, putting their revenue somewhere around $1.06 billion mark.

The Tegra 2 appears in about 10% of all Android devices being shipped these days, thanks largely in part to Google choosing the Tegra 2 the chipset of choice for Honeycomb tablets. I think Nvidia owes a little bit of their recent success to Google and the Android OS.

This was only the second quarter since Nvidia introduced their Tegra 2 processor onto the smartphone world. If you remember, the company wasn’t doing so hot in the second quarter of last year (pre-Tegra 2) with a $175 million loss. Compare this to their second quarter this year which saw a $174 million profit. Nvidia’s co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says he expects the Tegra to continue to perform well for at least the next 2 quarters. In an earnings call today he said,

That part of the marketplace is really not well served by anyone, we are going to build an integrated application processor and modem to address that. That allows us to address the lower end of the smartphone, that part of the marketplace will become quite large over the next few years.”

Nvidia plans to unleash the next iteration of their mobile chips when the Kal-El quad-core processor in unveiled early next year. You see OEM’s? Whether you’re manufacturing chips or making handsets, there’s a lot of money to be had in Android. It will be interesting to see how things pan out for Nvidia once Texas Instruments steps onto the scene with their Google sanctioned OMAP processor in the Nexus Three/Prime later this year.

[Via VentureBeat]

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  1. I thought it was thanks to Bada and Symbian.

    1. Aren’t those Mortal Kombat characters? o_O

      1. lmao, they probably are.

      2. Nah man, they’re from the Lion King. ;-)

  2. I think a lot of companies have a bright future ahead of them, all thanks to Android.

  3. “when the Kal-El quad-core processor in unveiled early next year”…oh dear. What happened to Android Tablets being released by October already containing the Kal-El chips? If they’re only being unveiled in early next year then we may not actually see any decent Android Tablets until 2012 Q2 at the very earliest. As nice as some of the Android Tablets are, I think the Tegra 2 chip lets it down.

    1. I think he meant early next year for *phones*.

      1. I really hope so. I really want an Android Tablet but the current ones just don’t meet my needs. The Galaxy Tab 8.9/10.1 are extremely close but just not close enough.

  4. Android’s awesome. It is not the cause of nVidia’s success/bright future. Not soley at least. They are still huge in desktops, laptops, workstations, and HPC.

  5. You don’t know that.. Android existed before the iPhone, and was even owned by Google before the iPhone.. Neither you or anybody else can say what Android would be if the iPhone never existed.

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