Xperia Play’s Playstation One Emulator Reversed Engineered To Play Custom ISO’s [Video]

Thanks to one of our awesome Phandroid readers, I stumbled upon a rather amazing breakthrough over on XDA. Apparently, a developer named yifanlu has been hard at work looking for a way to reverse engineer the native Playstation One emulator found on the Xperia Play to play converted custom ISO’s.

Well, after a week of nonstop work, yifanlu has managed to get an ISO of Crash Bandicoot 3 up and running on the Xperia Play and the results are near perfect. Here’s a video as proof of his efforts:


According to yifanlu, everything is fully functional except for “manual” (instruction manual) and multi-disc games.

Now I just need to write the GUI [program to convert ISO to APK]. No more then a day for that. As much as I hate Java in every way, I feel like it would be the easiest way of making a multi-platform tool. I’ll also do a final writeup on my site in a couple of days.

There you have it! We may have a way to convert already previously owned (or downloaded) Playstation One games for use on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and have those games play smoother and with fewer bugs than using conventional emulators on Android. Once this is achieved, we can finally crown the Xperia Play the king of old school gaming on Android. We’ll be keeping you guys updated on the progress.

[Via Yifan.Lu]

Thanks, Nhialor!

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  • ILikeStake

    Hell yeah, time to load up some KISS pinball bitchasses.

    • Chris Chavez

      I was thinking more along the lines of Final Fantasy or Twisted Metal but KISS is always appropriate for any occasion ;D

  • Paul Chromik

    I might be getting this as my next phone, and this combined with Gameboy emulators make this a VERY close deal. But what about N64 emulators? I know that the game pad would make this incredibly easy to play N64 games, but I wonder if the processor and memory could handle something like Ocarina of Time…

    • Tomas Donovic

      just make sure you see how dim the screen is before hand, dude, that screen looks like my Desire HD’s when the brightness is all the way down.

      • darren treat

        It’s not dark at all, it’s a software problem, Rooters found that out. they have a fix.

        • Tomas Donovic

          That’s good to hear, go for it then…

    • Benjamin Knowles

      Hi Paul…I’ve got the Xperia Play and N64oid and there is no slowdown in Ocarina. There are some glitches in the emulator that the developer is working on, but it plays full speed. I don’t think the screen looks dim at all.

  • Antony Hamm

    I was trying to hold out with my HD2 for another year on Tmobile but a native player and the emulators are really nudging my brain to accept the $35 a month difference in monthly fees(tmobile: $85 verizon: $120) which would still be a tough pill to swallow. Then again Xenogears and Yoshi’s island on my phone….

  • HalfwayCrook

    Such a win for the community.