Star Blitz from Glu Mobile Released In The Android Market


Awwwwww snaps! We may have another hit on our hands courtesy of Glu Mobile. They just released Star Blitz onto the Android Market a few days ago and so far, the game has been receiving near perfect 5 star reviews from users. Star Blitz is a sci-fi shooter with gameplay close along the lines of Glu Mobile’s other smash hit, Gun Bros. You take control of a fully upgradeable space craft and basically, blast anything and everything that comes flying into your path.

I don’t know how this game managed to get past my radar but I wanted to make it didn’t escape yours. The best part? Star Bros – I mean, Star Blitz is totally FREE and you can pick up right now from the Android Market.

[Market Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. yeah. more like space bros or star bros. looks like they took gunbros and just edited all the images to show a ship instead of a black man haha

    1. There was a white guy in there too, ya know. He had the smaller gun.. o_O

      1. Am I a pervert? (I’m sure someone will understand)

        1. No. Your human, I thought the same thing.

  2. Stupid new market says it’s unavailable for both my NC and X10. But when you use the tablet’s market app, it installs just fine. Hate you Google for that!

  3. Decent game, but in your face Facebook login and the fact that it runs as a background service sucks goat danglies.

  4. App wants to read phone identity – no thanks.

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