YouTube App Updated in the Market to 2.2.14 – New Features!


The YouTube app has been updated in the Android Market to version 2.2.14 and brings about a slew of much needed new features. Such as, the ability to create/edit/delete playlists straight from the app. Also, the YouTube app now gives you a little more control when uploading content from your phone. For instance, can now edit the title of your video, description and even mess around the privacy settings for those “special” videos you don’t want anyone else watching. Of course, the normal bug fixes and performance enhancements can also be found.

You can find the updated version in your Market right now. If the updated version isn’t showing up just yet, don’t worry. Keep checking and it’s sure to pop up, seeing how these things rollout out differently amongst the different regions. Have fun!

[Market Link]

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  1. And it enables ads when playing videos because i don’t remember the old version having ads. Google is going over board with all of these ads there should be a limit.

    1. You do know that Google is an ad company?

      1. I thought that they made Amazons?

      2. YES! but like i said there is a limit!

        1. I see no problem with them placing ads in the videos. Honestly, following your logic someone could use their android device to watch youtube and never have to watch a SINGLE ad… how is that fair to the content creators?

    2. The ad thing happened in the older version. I know cuz I haven’t updated to this new one yet and I have ads =/

      It’s weird. Like it was always there….. waiting o_O

  2. Just looked at the reviews for the app since the update. I won’t be updating it. A LOT of one star comments.

  3. Yeah, my youtube app is jacked now. Audio stops while video continues to play. But hey I can create/edit/delete straight from the app now. Awesome, thanks Google.

  4. They just need to add the ability to reply back to a comment

  5. I’d like to see the ability to upload to YT over 3G from the app. I tried it a few weeks ago, recorded a test video in the app but it would only upload over WiFi.
    If you’re away from your WiFi but have good 3G and an unlimited 3G account then there should be the option to upload from the app.

    OK just found the settings in the new version. menu/settings/uploads/ “on any network”. Now truly mobile in a 3g area.

  6. I like the already existing app of YouTube. They just need to make little improvement like adding comment and like

  7. Its good to heard that YouTube app gonna be rectified

  8. installed it just now on my Nexus one, can’t see any changes or improvements … wtf

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