CyanogenMod 7 Shows Up On The HTC Sensation – Bye, Bye Sense 3.0 [Video]


The HTC Sensation and Evo 3D haven’t received perma root for more than a few days and those crazy developers over at CyanogenMod have already managed to cook up an early CM7 build for the Sensation. Shown off in this video, CM7 is a near stock Gingerbread ROM with added tweaks and enhancements that’s entirely built from the ground up using the Android open source code.

CyanogenMod supports a number of devices and it’s all thanks to the team of “douches” who do this in their spare time that we’re able to experience the joys of a “pure Google experience” on devices normally cluttered with Sense/Motoblur/TouchWiz UI’s. You kids with a Sensation have some good stuff to look forward to.

[Via Kmobs]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Boss!

  2. Good to see more options open up for the Sensation. (On a side note I’ve been using a working Sense 3.0 lockscreen on my Inc2 and I am really liking it ATM. It might be that I haven’t used Sense since my wife’s Eris (and we all know how Sense was on that) but I really like its layout.)

  3. Sweet! Can’t wait to get this running.

  4. Pure awesomeness. Can’t wait to flash this on my sensation.

  5. Evo 3d pleeasse

    1. Its already running on the EVO 3d….They just didn’t mention it in the article. Check XDA for more info.

  6. Wow it looks FAST

  7. Do you think that the Touchscreen unresponsive issue already fixed after installing CM7?

    1. i’ve never had issues, so it may be hardware related for you

  8. when i had CM7 of my HTC Desire, all i wanted was Sense…no WAY am i ROMing the Sensation

    1. why the hell did you have CM7 on your HTC Desire then??.. you should have flashed a Sense ROM then…

  9. Not any faster than my rooted dx, but nice.

    1. Not any faster? LoL how could you say this? It has twice as many cores, more RAM, is 4g, and has one sexy qhd screen. I for one can NOT wait till CM7 drops for the Sensation

      1. Perhaps the “one sexy qhd screen” is the problem? More pixels to push, the more taxing it is on the system!

    2. The Droid X is the slowest phone ever. I’m sure my old Nokia 3800 could beat it to a phone call. LOL

      I had the Nexus One with CM for well over a year and with it over clocked to 1.13GHz it was very fast and kept up with some of the dual core phones. But now I have an HTC Sensation. I hate Sense UI. The only thing I like about it is the text zoom. The rest is just bloated crap that gets in the way of end result. I don’t care about eye candy. I just want a phone that’s blazing fast. Sense UI takes a fast phone and slows it down by adding ridiculous animations and unneeded garbage. All I need is a pic of my GF for my wallpaper and nothing to slow down my phone, eat up memory, or take time to transition to the next window.I’ll take speed and responsiveness over bloatware and animations any day.

      I have a LOT of friends with the DX and they all hate it. No exaggeration, every last one of them hate their DX. Oh well. It was an absolute failure of a phone. 1GHz that runs 8.xx in LinPack. My N1 ran 38+ in LinPack and twice as fast in Quadrant thanks to CM7. LOL

  10. why would anybody take sense 3.0 off the sensation? cm roms are becoming too plain and bore.

    1. I hear you… Evo 3D was my first sense phone, and I love the UI.

    2. Speed! I run Sense 3.0 and I love the UI but it really doesn’t bring all that much to Android aside from some eye candy. Stock Android has better speed and CM7 has a lot of useful features. Personally, as soon as Netflix works on CM7 I’ll probably switch back myself.

      1. Netflix already works on CM7. Works for me anyway.

  11. because cyanogen allows super high overclocks with the right kernel. I know I know, but my battery life!!!!, well get over your self, plug the damn fone in when you oc, but dont hack others because you dont know the tech details of something but then blurt out something that just verifies you lack of knowledge.

  12. I prefer Sense, and but I’m currently using Cyanogen due to the faster web browser.

    Is there a easy way of replacing the Sense browser with the stock browser?

  13. though i love sense i will be willing to give CM7 a try. i miss playing emu using a wii mote as a controller =/

  14. god i hate this writer. completely unprofessional and just not funny

  15. Best benefit for me running an ASOP ROM is the superb battery life. And I don’t use anything from sense anyway.

  16. No way! How? (sarcasm spewing from my orifice called a mouth)

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