Sony Releases 4th Teaser Video for Upcoming S1 and S2 Tablets – “Together Anywhere”


Sony has unveiled their fourth video (of 5) teasing their upcoming 10.1-inch and dual-screened Honeycomb tablets. In this Rube Goldberg video you get a few glimpses of the S1 and S2 tablets as they pop up throughout the vid. With the 5th video scheduled to arrive August 23rd, these things just need to hurry up and come out already. I don’t like to be teased, Sony!

[Via Sony.Net]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Maybe I can watch the final video on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is actually available for purchase.

  2. It’s not actually a teaser if we all know what the hell it is already.

  3. S1 is 9.4, not 10.1…

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