Google Updates Android Platform Version Chart – Gingerbread Now On 24.3% Of Devices


Android Developers updated their Android platform version chart yesterday and we now have a clearer picture of how many Android devices are running specific Android versions. Gingerbread seems to be growing quite well with around 24.3% of devices coming with the platform version installed and/or updated. Of course, this still pales in comparison to Android 2.2’s 55.9%. Froyo still reigns supreme but this should change drastically by the end of the year with even the “weakest” of handsets coming with Gingerbread pre-installed.

Also interesting, is the fact that tablets only account for about 1.3% of Android devices but really, it’s difficult to compete with the millions of Android smartphones being released every single day. Although, in comparison, Apple’s iPad accounts for about 13% of their mobile hardware. Still, there aren’t nearly as many iOS devices as there are Android.

These charts are basically here to give developers an idea of which Android firmwares to target when making new apps. The face of Android will continue to change drastically once Google TV, tablets and phones update to Ice Cream Sandwich. Let’s hope we can see Froyo drop off the face of Android by early next year (though, I doubt it).

[Via AndroidDevelopers]

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  1. What about Google’s promise at I/O that they had teamed with OEMs and the American providers to deliver updates faster?

    1. HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola have been on top of it since then. There’s always some devices that seem to fall through the cracks though… =/

      1. Oh I’m defiantly not arguing that it just seems like there should be a much larger chunk of Gingerbread and Eclair should be 1/3rd of what it is now.

        1. You still have many users who are using phones with Eclair that manufacturers have no plans to update i.e. Eris. If you signed a 2 year contract with Verizon say a week before the Eris EOLed and were eligible for a upgrade at the 20 month mark you would still be roughly 6 months away from an upgrade right now. Until we see users like those (and I feel bad for them) start to upgrade their phones we will still see high Eclair numbers.

    2. And if I remember correctly, that wasn’t going to go into action until 2012.

      1. Really? Don’t remember hearing that :/ but if that’s the case then that’s reassuring because since that announcement it seems like there’s little to no difference in OEM/Providers enthusiasm for pushing updates.

        1. All they basically said it was an idea. When reporters/bloggers tried to get more details about it, they said well we haven’t really figured anything out. It’s just a “plan”

          Surprise surprise. Google throwing crap out without any direction or plan. The typical Google way.

  2. Given a total of 130 million devices from July 5th and a growth rate of 550 000 devices per day, the total number of Android devices should now be at 154 million.

    Also with Honeycomb at 0.9% four weeks ago and 1.3% now, that means Honeycomb grew from 1.17 million to 2 million. Which is decent growth for just four weeks.

  3. Isn’t there something like 200 million iOS devices? We’re catching up, but they’ve got the ipod on their side. By my rough math, theres a little less than 50 ipads for every honeycomb. could be worse. I wish someone would market the hell out of an android tablet, all I’m seeing on TV is ipad and playbook ads. yuck.

    1. Apple has definitely not sold 100 million iPad’s. The most recent numbers I have found put it at 28 million iPad’s vs 2 million Honeycomb Tablets which puts it at 14 to 1.

      But there are also many 2.x tablets so the number is likely closer to 7 to 1 iOS vs Android tablets.

      1. Apple likes to lie a little and add in the iPod Touch numbers since it is also an iOS device. I think that the last chart I saw showed the the iPod Touch made up about half of iOS devices.

        1. And Google likes to add e-readers to their activation numbers. What’s your point?

          1. The nook color may run Android but it doesn’t count on this list as it doesn’t activate with Google, get your facts straight troll.

          2. Do you have any proof that it doesn’t count on this list? That 550k activations that you like to masturbate to does include ereaders. Besides, nook color is not the only ereader running Android, fanboy.

          3. Does it have access to the Android market? If not then they don’t count it.

        2. I’m talking about tablets what does the iPod Touch have to do with that?

          1. Yeah I should have replied to Alan.

  4. Also, more math says that there are 780 000 people on 2.3-2.3.2 ! Why? The only phone to ever see that was the nexus S. These have to be hackers who don’t want the very newest, or nexus S owners who are afraid of updates!
    I ask this pretty much every time anyone posts these charts, and I’ve never heard a good answer :/

    1. I’ve wondered about this too. I assume it comes from custom roms built off 2.3.2. 780,000 does seem high (maybe people who bought them and took them overseas? don’t know how OTA’s work when you are abroad)

      1. Well we all know that the most downloaded rom is CM7 is even it sits around 300,000. Rooted phones account for a small number of Android phones, around 0.5%.

        1. CM7 is at around 420,000 official users, 573,000 total –

          1. sweet info

  5. hmmm still not good enough. Carriers need to get a move on.
    I don’t want to see another iAd saying “If you don’t have an i*&#*$, you don’t have face*$#(”
    I want everyone to say “Well, I have gTalk, so gtfo.”

    Android 2.3.4 FTW

    1. I cry every time I see those commercials too. Mainly because of these statements – “It’s this easy to share with an iPhone, it’s this easy to share with an iPad, and this easy to share with a Mac.”

      Well guess what, when Skype and other video chatting gets bigger on Android… “it’s this easy to share with ANY PHONE, and this easy to share with ANY TABLET, and this easy to share with ANY COMPUTER.”

      face*$#( is great if you are an iLover, which iAmNot

      1. Skype exists for the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. Calm down fanboy.

        1. Did I not say ANY?

          I realize that they have Skype, I was emphasizing the fact that Apple has so much proprietary software that is only compatible with other Apple products. That’s obviously good for Apple, because it’s their way of trying to force everyone to buy iProducts, but it’s bad for their customers because they can’t use iCrap to talk to their friends with other products.

          1. Are you that dense? Anyone using “iCrap” can communicate with anybody using Skype. There is nothing proprietary about that. Do I need to make it simpler for you? If I have an iPhone, and you have an Android device, we can use Skype to video chat. If I have a macbook and you have a PC, we can use skype to video chat.

            Are you educated? Considering you are a male cheerleader, I highly doubt it.

  6. It’s nice to be in the 0.2% of this chart.

    1. …until you realize Google and developers only focus 0.2% of their work on you.

      1. LOL WUT, a devs main concern is working on 3.2 early so that when it becomes mainstream their apps will work properly. Although it would be better if only the devs got the newest version early like on iOS. A lot of apps take months to update so on Android people who always have the latest update don’t have that many apps that are fully ready but with Apple many are already updated since the devs have had the update for months. Impressive as the iPhone is I would take my Nexus S any day, hell even my old Nexus One. Hopefully the iPhone 5 will be better than the Nexus 3 since I am open to trying all kinds of different products.

  7. Still blaming the Motorola i1 for 1.5ish

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