Rumor: Sprint’s Galaxy S II to be Named Samsung Epic Touch 4G, Launching September


This is one rumor I’m sure many have been waiting to hear about. BGR has allegedly received word from a source of theirs that Sprint will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S II in September. According to them, its name will be the Samsung Epic Touch 4G, a nod to the fact that this one doesn’t have a hardware QWERTY keyboard. They also claim WiMax radios will find some room inside the device’s chassis.

That’s all we know for now, but the timing does suggest earlier rumors of Verizon being the first carrier to get it are true. And Verizon’s said to be getting it later this month, if it means anything. Unfortunately, we don’t even have official acknowledgement from any carrier or Samsung regarding these devices’ existence. We know it’s coming, but we still feel very far away.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. BGR is trying to get some cheap fame. dont trust there rumors. during past few months, they have been throwing in some nasty rumors and leak info….but after weeks they turn out to be false.

  2. When are these carriers going to finally drop the “4G” from the names. Yeah, we know it’s 4G Sprint! BTW, horrible name for the phone.

    1. Uh, because the general public DOESN’T know it’s 4G.

      Not sure if that was a serious question or not.

      1. actually, the general public doesn’t even know what 4G is. (Just one example: most iPhone 4 users think their phones are capable of running on a 4G network.)

        1. Well why not? They also think it can walk on water!

      2. The “General Public” could give a crap if it’s 4G. Anybody that cares, knows all of Sprint’s smartphones are now 4G (save for that crappy “green” phone). If any carrier should be doing it, it should be Verizon because not all of their smartphones are 4G.

        Yes I’m serious too, it’s been a year since Sprint started their 4G phone line up.

    2. BAHAHAHAH the “epic touch” LMAO!

      1. Sprint must employ the same genius marketing firm that came up with the ‘iPad’ name.

      2. So if it breaks, is it the Epic Bad-touch?

  3. i’m completely SHOCKED Samsung is letting carriers rename their Galaxy Line. Galaxy is the most profitable part of samsung mobile and is the most recognizable internationally… i can’t figure why they are doing this. Anyways if this phone has 4g/LTE/HSPA+ radios AND the iphone 5 does not then i’m getting it.

    1. yeah… cause look how badly it hurt sales last time around.


  4. Hmmmm.. current rumors are reporting Verizon will have the first Galaxy S II device in August. So this rumor COULD be true…

    But I think the Epic 4G Touch name could imply that this will be the Infuse 4G on Sprint (single-core) and the reason for the bigger dimensions and vertical camera/LED in the FCC filing.

    I’m HOPING Sprint will still get a real Galaxy S II in August (The Within) followed by this Epic 4G Touch in September…..

    1. That makes some sense… I sure hope you’re right, Chris. (PS. I really like your articles/posts on here, they beat the hell out of some of the other blogs I visit.)

  5. Lmao, really they have a source that gave them this info? We already knew it had a Wimax radio, remember the FCC documents. Second you don’t need a source to figure out this would be a September release. It was never going to release within 30 days of the Photon. I would guess between 9/2-9/11. Keep in mind Sprint releases new devices on Friday and Sunday now. The name was also rumored a few months ago.

  6. this is crap, the phone has already been named the Within, they aren’t going to suddenly change the name to something different

  7. Wasn’t big enough to be the Infuse. There won’t be a flagship Android phone released within 30 days of the Photon. I wonder how close the measurements from the FCC have been to the manufacturers specs on previous phones though. They might not measure the same way, if that makes any sense.

  8. I have the GSM version of this phone and use it on AT&T, if any of you on Sprint have an upgrade coming, or one present. I strongly advise you wait and get this phone. You won’t be sorry.

  9. A month later than I was hoping. Might as well wait for the Nexus Prime now…

    1. I used to have your mentality. My advice is, get the best phone available (on the carrier your prefer, always choose carrier FIRST) that suits your style/needs when you want/need a new phone, otherwise you’ll be waiting forever. Remember, there will always be something better around the corner, you simply cant keep up.

      1. I think this could be an exception though. I mean, its the nexus prime were talking about here- also, you don’t want to be stuck with a bad phone (which the gs2 is definitely not, I’m just sayin.) for two years

  10. “What phone do you have there? It looks kinda cool.” “Me? Oh, it’s just an Epic Touch.”

    1. “They also claim WiMax radios will find some room inside the device’s chassis.” < i was referring to that

  11. Fail. No thanks, Sprint can have its epic touching in September, I’ve got my Galaxy S2 now.

    1. How in the hell does you having a phone not released in the US yet, make this a “fail”?

      1. The name that they chose, perhaps. Maybe the anticipation that it will not be the Galaxy S2 as Samsung intended. I’ll take the original S2 over one changed to fit the vision of Sprint, AT&T, or anyone else for that matter.

  12. Hey Martin aka SpamBot troll another comment section. It cost me nothing to tell you this:)

  13. …these RELEASE DATES are a CHESS GAME between APPLE(i-phone5) and SAMSUNG(gs2). I just need that BIG SUPER AMOLED+ screen.

  14. The Evo 4D will be out before the Galaxy S II comes out for Sprint, Next thing you know the release date will be Oct.

  15. Everyone knows T-Mobile is to be first launch.

  16. Don’t care about the damn name as long as its a Galaxy S II

  17. Wow, did i just get a bit moist? A tinkle, perhaps?

  18. This would be awesome, since my upgrade isn’t until October.

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