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I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s run out of apps space already. We had to have covered nearly 100 apps by no- oh, wait, nevermind. Apps to SD support was added to Android a long time ago. Rejoice! You shouldn’t have any trouble fitting today’s apps of the day on to your device. Unless you have a T-Mobile Comet or some other cheap phone with 256KB of internal storage.

Remote Ringer – Ever lost your phone, tried calling from another number to help you track it down, and realize it is set on silent? Remote Ringer alleviates the problem. Just text your phone a code from an assigned phone number and magically your ringer is set to full blast. Then call away, moving closer to the missing Android with every beat of your Lady GaGa ringtone. [Market]

Minimal Reader Pro – This is probably the most elegant and simple RSS reader you’re going to find. Minimal Reader Pro is a widget that interfaces with Google Reader and feeds you news items in a very simplistic way. It’s a widget and it won’t be very useful if you’re a power use, but if your Google Reader account is light on feeds and you just need something easy and quick to check every now and then, I can’t see any better option. [Market]

What’s My Name – Yea, it’s been about 22 years and I’m still bad with names. I don’t exactly have a photographic memory so if I need to meet a bunch of new people in a short amount of time (read: the countless conventions we have to go to), I’ll want this app at my disposal. It shows you a face and throws five random names out with it. Choose the right one and, well, you’ll know that’s their name. You won’t get a parade, but at least you won’t look foolish the next time you meet that person and have no clue what their names were. [Market]

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  1. As a matter of fact, my Nexus 1 is running low on app storage space….so many apps either don’t use the apps2SD feature or can’t (live wallpapers do terrible with that feature) or they use it poorly (my plants versus zombies app has 15mb of data on the phone :S) While my cheap 4gb SD isn’t even half full :/

    So that’s why I am getting nexus 3/prime ASAP…need more internal storage space and faster processor+front facing camera won’t hurt either (ICS isn’t that bad either ;) )

    That what’s my name got me thinking……if ever someone releases a facial recognition app for phones, remembering names will be as easy as taking a picture of them :D

    1. That low on app storage space notification, in my case with 200+ apps installed, is a result of the apps’ total Cache sizes adding up to be too much. Clearing the cache from the biggest offenders clears that issue. I am not sure why Android is programmed to have a limit of how much Cache space can be used. It reminds me of the old Extended Memory days back when MS-DOS was still popular.

      1. What app do you use to clear all that cache? Or do you just do it manually for each?

    2. I have the same problem with my N1, and even after clearing all the app caches I still have the issues. I suspect there’s some other accumulated crap that’s not going away. I need to poke around in adb or something to see what’s going on.

      Although I’m also very tempted to just get a G2x or some other phone with a gigantic chunk of flash.

  2. hive player for honeycomb, scrollable widget for music library navigation and playback…

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