Motorola Confident in Patent Strength, Could Be Google’s Biggest Ally


Google and its manufacturing partners have been taking heat in the courts lately, facing patent litigation from the likes of Apple, Oracle, and Microsoft. While HTC and Samsung remain embattled, one company isn’t scared of potential lawsuits. It’s quite the opposite, actually, for Motorola. CEO Sanjay Jha did a bit of chest puffing at the mobile manufacturer’s recent Q2 earnings call, pointing to Moto’s deep patent portfolio focused on mobile handsets, 2G/3G technologies, and emerging 4G LTE innovations. Jha went so far as to suggest the patents could be used to “enhance shareholder value.”

Jha could be suggesting the company plans to due a bit of legal wrangling of their own, demanding licensing fees from others taking advantage of Motorola’s proprietary technologies. Perhaps he could be inferring the sale of some of Motorola’s patents to Google, a digital conglomerate not averse to buying a little protection (you may recall the recent acquisition of 1,000 patents from IBM). It could also be that Moto plans to sit on the patents, confident that their revenues will not be impacted by potential lawsuits. No matter how it plays out, Motorola is an important ally to Google and the Android OS in the fight over intellectual property. The manufacturer that brought Android from the depths and launched it to mainstream success could be a savior once again.

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  1. Motorola should donate their patents to Google in the fight to battle the bad fruit.


    1. That would make Motorola a target.
      Apple would probably sue them because the Droid one is a clone of the iPad or something..

  2. Often, in the past, Motorola received more money from patent royalties than their entire design departments cost them. Don’t know about this year, that may change (but not likely).

  3. Well, we can safely say that Apple won’t be suing Motorola because their phones have a display and make calls. I’m sure Apple has a patent for that somewhere in their portfolio.

    1. No… but Motorola might have some infringement claims against Apple. Motorola’s communications patents pre-date the iPhone, iPad, etc…
      …And we haven’t even heard from Cisco yet!

      1. My dog predates the iPhone, that ain’t hard… :)

        I agree that fate has a tendency to knock the mighty low, if they chose to abuse their might. Or maybe it’s just human nature.

  4. this is the mentality that has caused all these other problems in the first place. glad to see moto not helping anything.

  5. It doesn’t matter what patents you have when Apple owns the court system.

    1. As Jayrock said, it does when you have the company that created the cellphone (i.e., Moto) on your side.

  6. well…motorola has a patent…on the cellphone.

  7. It would appear that most of the commenters have something against Motorola, for those who do let me make it clear:


    …being android fans, should you not embrace those companies who intend to lift it upon their shoulders?

  8. So what, your phone sucks.

  9. They will probably sit on them using the patents to protect themselves unless Google can pay a pretty penny. Selling the patents to Google would seem almost to go against their business as it would protect the companies that they are competing directly against. Selling them to Google is pretty much the equivalent of selling them to Samsung, HTC, LG, etc so unless Motorola is truly confident in their product, I don’t see those patents going anywhere unless, as mentioned before, a large sum of money is put forward.

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  10. It would seem Apple has been getting all the court approval needed for their ridiculous patent law suits. Apple is the biggest offender when it comes to patent stealing. They have squashed many a small business because of their sneaky behind closed doors way of doing business. What goes around comes around. I wouldn’t use any Apple product, don’t like the way they do business at all. 90% of all Apple product owners buy Apple because they like to follow what they think is the latest and greatest. Apple is the most closed down, locked down device made today. IMO Android is the only platform for the free thinker. I enjoy making my device just that mine. Thank you Google and Android.

  11. What Motorola should do is sue Apple (At Google ´s expenses) just to get some sort of settlement that protect Android OS/equipment/manufacturers to be sued from Apple (Same for MS). It will be very difficult to win a case against the inventor of the radio handset, cell phone, cell technology, 1G, 2G, 3G, etc. They can get a huge amount of money from Google to do that and retain their patents for themselves.

  12. The great Open Handset Alliance should combine with their incredible might and extensive treasure trove of patents against the rotten apple. Make some cider out of that fruit!

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