Motorola Ponders Watch-like Personal Fitness and Music Device

Motorola has been sending a little survey out to a select few consumers gauging response to a new (presumably Android-based) product. No, it’s not a smartphone or even a tablet, it’s a small watch-like device designed for personal fitness and music. What could potentially be branded MotoActive most closely resemble Sony Ericsson’s LiveView or the iPod Nano, and would act as a standalone mashup of the two concepts with wireless syncing between your PC and Android devices and a “smart music player.” For now the device remains a concept that may never reach market, the results of this particular survey perhaps playing a role in the final decision. So how about out own informal survey. MotoActive personal fitness tracker/music player. Yay or nay?

[via Engadget]

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  • Tati

    Price it right, I might get interested. Wireless headsets?

    • Missed_the_Mark

      I agree, price it right with plenty of storage space or give me the ability to add storage…that works from the get-go :( Xoom ):

  • Richard Gilboy

    Just give me a god damn watch with 3G and a front facing camera to make calls over Facetime/Skype/QIK.

  • Timothy B


  • RitishOemraw

    if it doesn’t slurp battery, and lets me change songs and watch notifications aswell as tell the time and wheater…..then give me one!!!

  • Diego Carrillo Ruiz Velasco


  • Chris Chavez

    This is awesome. I’ve always wanted a neat little mini Android device for my wrist. Hell, I already have a iPod Nano watch =/

    Wasn’t something similar to this leaked in that Motorola product thing on the net a month ago? I think this really will hit the market soon..

  • RobWild

    Rip off artists! lol Not the Apple part of this but the watch idea was stolen from TikTok on Kickstarter.
    Maybe he should sue. :)

  • Tony Sapp

    With a GPS, a heart rate monitor, and cadence sensor add-on for cycling I may finally be able to replace my Forerunner 301.

    • erikku

      No go since I doubt it would have ANT+ connectivity.


    wow great deals I want to get some of that! flagged lol

  • jeremyseattle

    Looks like it has a heart rate monitor – or syncs with one. If it had GPS and cost less than $100 with ~16GB storage, and if they provide an SDK for it, I might bite…

  • AJA0

    I’d buy one! I bought the 6th gen iPod nano for this design, but I hated all the iTunes crap… So yeah, if Moto releases one that syncs wirelessly & to my Android phone, I’d get one!!

  • Spanki

    I’d rather HTC put something similar to this out. Sense UI watch? Yes!

  • Luke Wallace

    Looks almost exactly like the iPod nano. I use one as my watch at work (with the Tik Tok wrist strap), and it has a built in pedometer that I sometimes remember to turn on when I go for walks.

    I could see Motorola getting sued for this, since the UI and form factor so closely resembles the nano.

  • Serk102

    How much bezel is on that one inch screen?

    I like the idea though, current gps watches are ugly(although they have been getting better), and lack music playback. The ipod nano can play music, but lacks gps. If Moto could combine the two, then I don’t care how much it looks like an ipod nano. It’d be even better if it were waterproof, but now I’m dreaming.