Sanjay Jha: Motorola Droid Bionic Will Have September Release


Though speculation had been mounting for an August 4th release of the Motorola Droid Bionic, company CEO Sanjay Jha took the wind out of those rumors’ sails when he confirmed during today’s earnings call a September release. Evidence and insider reports point towards early September, with the first of the month a potential launch date. This pushes the release fairly close to the iPhone 5’s rumored street date, for better or for worse.


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  1. Good luck with that Sanjay.

  2. I might run out of fingers counting the months.

  3. aaaarrrggghhhhhh

  4. This burns me!!!! I have been putting it off on upgrading for this device and 1 week before its release they now say September during iPhone 5 release. Are you kidding me? WHy? I am seriously going to buy a Droid 3

    1. Don’t buy Droid 3 and don’t worry about the “secretive” Droid Bionic. Just jump onto Samsung Galaxy S II next month. Dual Core 1.2GHz each core and it has already sold over 5 million throughout Europe and Asia already. So it is a tried and tested device. Lets just hope it comes with 4G for Verizon. FCC just cleared the Galaxy S II for Sprint with 4G Wi-Max.

      1. I did read the reviews on the Galaxy s2 and I do like but the issue is that they did not and wont launch it on Verizon because they wanted to launch the galaxy tab instead. It does not look like they are going to at this point either. I have to stick with Verizon due to coverage. I am gonna wait and see if they do indeed not launch the Bionic on the 4th and if they dont they lost a sale here for the Bionic. Though honestly I am not too impressed with Verizons line up of phones right now. I will NEVER buy an iPhone.

      2. Still don’t know the secs of the US verion

      3. You must be an employee from Samsung trying to get people into buying your products. Let the guy buy what he wants, and stop trying to get in some free advertising by commenting! If you want, you could always buy some ad space from Phandroid.

  5. Wasn’t the tagline “The End of Waiting”… They were right, I’m done.

      1. I was referring to Sanjay’s CES presentation where he claimed that the Bionic would be “The End of Waiting”


    1. Especially since that twitter post – I know September is still summer, but really. I hope all the leaked pics/info are incorrect because THAT phone does not look like it was worth the wait (I’m saying LOOKS, as I obviously haven’t used it).

  6. This better be the badass be-all end-all phone, because right now the Galaxy S2 has got some great specs and the best screen. The new ifone will be up there in specs, too. I’m getting worried about Motorola. I just got the D3 for the wife, and it’s the best slider (but locked down tight). I’m due for an upgrade of my DX, but I won’t hesitate to jump ship to Samsung or someone else if the Bionic isn’t all that it can be.

  7. I am just as frustrated as the next person about all the delays. But if the issues they are having/not having are fixed due to the delays, then I think it is for the better. I am still planning on getting one… DROID!

  8. F U Sanjay. Motorola just lost another droid customer to Samsung or potentially Sony with the way the Xperia Duo is shaping up.

  9. beep beep beebeep beebeebeep Motorola beep

  10. Im done waiting for the Bionic, ive waited this long, I can wait another couple of months to see what HTC and Samsung will have available in the dual core / LTE flavor.

    1. Agree the dual core htc vigor looks like it will be a beast of a phone.

  11. I’m confused by why so many people are waiting for this phone. Since we’ve first heard of this phone we have seen no less then 4 or 5 great phones with specs as good if not better come out. Now add the fact that the SGII is coming out by mid August and this Moto thing is getting less and less attractive.

    1. Not on verizon first dual core lte phone

      1. It’s not the 1st.. but the LTE is a huge attraction for me.. Droid 3 is dual core (I’m pretty sure) but tons of bugs just in the 1st week!

        1. It is the first dual core 4G LTE phone on Verizon. Brian was correct in his statement. The D3 is dual-core (as is the DX2), but neither is 4G LTE compatible.

  12. Beware of the Bionic, it will have all sorts of bugs when it finally does get released. Since I have been waiting so long for the bionic a little longer won’t hurt for the iphone5. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have announced this info several months ago. Verizon would have sold a lot more phones and Motorola would have helped there reputation.

    1. I’ve never been an iphone fan, but if the 5 rolls out earlier or the same time. I’m jumping on the apple train!

      1. Even if it has a 3.7 inch screen? Even if it is still 3g?

  13. Why did this thing take so long? Essentially, this is the Photon 4G being released in 3 days (7/31) on Sprint.

    1. They might be positioning it to go head-to-head with iPhone5. Moto must be getting sick of releasing a new phone only to have Apple steal the news a couple of weeks later with an iPhone release.

  14. And sales will be terrible since it will be right around the same time as the sgs2 and the iphone 5 not to mention the new nexus. Poor moto you dropped the ball big time on this one.

  15. I have original Droid and I have been waiting to upgrade to Bionic for months. now I’m looking right at the galaxy s 2. Sick of waiting my phone is just about dead.

    1. You will be waiting longer for the sg2

      1. EXACTLY! And who knows what form each GS2 will come in on each carrier.

    2. If your phone is just about dead.. then maybe you should look into a different manufacturer.. my HTC lasted the full 2 years, and is still good.. It’s now found a home in a drawer as the Sensation replaced it.

    3. Exactly the same here.. Mine is barely functioning.. Just did a complete restart on it a few days ago, and it’s already getting eff’d up again! Time for a new one fast!!! If the GS2 rolls out soon, I’m on it!

    4. We renewed our 2 original droids for 2 Droid Charges 2-3 weeks ago, after waiting MONTHS for the Bionic. Don’t regret the decision AT ALL. The Charge is great!

  16. Well that cinched it for me. No more Moto products ever. Good luck selling that POS

    1. You were going to buy it and now its a pos? Makes compete semse

  17. Those who are screaming the loudest will be the first ones in line at the Verizon store on the day the phone is actually released. There outrage is simply a ploy to try and convince Moto/Verizon to release the phone earlier. But I agree, Moto doesn’t want to complete with the iPhone5. That would be a bad move.

  18. Ok so I’m officially upset/disappointed!!…. I’ve been patiently waiting for MONTHS!! Looks Like I really might be looking into the SII,…….and dare I say, maybe even the iPhone 5 lol

  19. hey hey hey don’t go drinking the cool-aid guys. Sanjay did this with the Atrix 7 months ago! All through January he said “March/April release” before sneaking it in “early” in February. He’s probably just overestimating again so he can say they came in ahead of schedule.

  20. I don’t think the Bionic can be Bionic enough to pull off this waiting game.

  21. You can get this phone Now on Sprint, if you’re a Sprint Premier customer, or this Sunday if you’re not. Sprint’s has a kickstand, too, which I like. Its called the Photon 4G.

  22. I don’t really understand why people are saying they are “getting a GSII” or “getting the iPhone 5” instead… like they are making some huge point and protesting. Neither of those phones are available either, so that sounds like “smack talk” to me. Especially since many of those people will still buy the Bionic the week it comes out if it arrives 1st. It’s not like you’re some big dog is you have the best phone of that month. ANYONE can buy it ya know?!!!!??!!!

    Sometimes I wonder if Motorola or iPhone or Samsung “leaked” pictures of a 4.5 inch DOG TURD and leaked rumors that it was going to be called the Alpha Turd and leaked rumors that it would have 6-1ghz processors and a 24mp camera and that it would have skype, if everyone wouldn’t be all like “I’m buying that” “This turds gonna be tha shiz” “I’m not buying that turd if it doesn’t have 2.3.4 or if it has a PenTile diplay” “I’m gonna hold out for the Alpha Placenta that HTC is going to release one day in the next 2 years”

    I like tech too…. but come on. If you REALLY wanted to stick it to Verizon or to Motorola then DO IT, don’t just talk about it.

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