LG and Jane’s Addiction Team Up to Produce First User-Generated 3D Concert Documentary

LG is hosting an event to promote the release of the LG Thrill 4G — the AT&T-bound version of the Optimus 3D — but it won’t be your typical launch party. The private event will feature a performance by Jane’s Addiction, and some of those in attendance will be tasked with capturing footage of the evening’s happenings through the dual-lenses of the Thrill 4G. The 3D concert footage will be collected, edited into a 60-minute documentary, and uploaded to YouTube 3D, a first of its kind.

We’re not sure why Jane’s Addiction has been showing up at so many Android-related events this year, but we do know we will be in attendance. We may even be handed a Thrill 4G and be asked to capture it all on camera. It all goes down on July 25th.


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RPPRSF3PQMCTJY7XG6HKHEPFBQ D P

    lol two d-bags teaming up together. janes addiction? theyre still alive?

  • bluevoodo

    Musical criticism aside, i think LG has shot itself in the foot, i have never seen a point and shoot take decent pictures, in a low light concert environment, and now a 3d phone is supposed to do this, me thinks not.

  • illiad

    hm, private event huh?? that means it *will not* be a ‘proper’ concert – it will have bright, camera friendly lighting, low level audio that does not distort on mobile phone mics….

  • Robabobbob

    Why do US (mainly I know it happens elsewhere) re-brand the phones? I wish LG, Samsung et al would force the carriers to use the real name for each handset. It would create much better brand strength and loyalty. I effin hate carriers!