Get the NEW Android Market Now [Download]

It’s only been a few hours since Google announced the all new (WP7-ish?) Android Market version 3.0.26. If you didn’t feel like waiting a few weeks for it to hit your device, @Eminembdg from Twitter was nice enough to provide the leaked apps and I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the extracted app for you to install NOW.

That’s right, guys. Just download from your phone’s browser and install like a normal app. It’s currently working great on my Evo 3D although I’m not sure if this will work on phone’s equipped with Android 2.1 and lower (per Google) but I don’t think that will stop you from trying, right? Let us know if it works for you! Enjoy!

Oh — and if the new Market ISN’T your cup of tea or starts to act a little wonky, you can always go back to the old Market following these simple steps:

  • Go into your phone’s Settings
  • Select “Manage Applications”
  • Select the “All” tab at the top
  • Scroll down to Market app and select it
  • Select “Uninstall Updates”
  • Now have your old Market back!

[Download Link]

Thanks, Lewis!

[Via XDA]

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  • JJ VanKomen


  • Pai Zuri



    Oh god…

    This is just as bad as idiotic Apple fanboys screaming about anything black and rectangular is a ‘copy of teh iPhone!!!’.

  • JJ VanKomen

    looks great on xoom

    • samuelmaskell

      what the heck are you talking about? this obviously is not designed for tablets. looks like shit on my galaxy tab 10.1

      • awesomeaxel

        It sure feels like it is because the other one was total bull for the XOOM now I will actually the market app instead of the browser.

        • Bryon Letterman

          in case you didnt know, the Xoom and the Galaxy tab are two DIFFERENT tablets. just sayin’

          • Chance Mayfield

            isnt that such a pain in the ass though? google has to fix that. seriously. if it works for xoom, it should work for samsung 10.1 — I’M POINTING AT YOU GOOGLE.

          • No_Nickname90

            Isn’t the 10.1 the tablet that came out uber fast and was just a stretched version of Android? Or is the 10.1 the newer one?

            Because if it’s the earlier one, then that’s why it looks crappy. But yea… Hmm…

          • revangunrod


            No, the first one was a 7″ tablet with… 2.1 or 2.2 on it.

            The 10.1 just came out and is a dedicated Honeycomb tablet.

          • Chance Mayfield

            yeah galaxy tab launched with froyo originally.

  • Carlos Lopes

    Nice, ty :)

  • ClarkyAC

    I for one think it looks very Steam-ish :D

  • Chrisrj8084

    That was insanely fast lol, trying now

  • dbam987

    I’ll wait for the legit version to show up. I don’t trust file sharing sites all that much.

  • Joe_HTH

    “Oh god…

    This is just as bad as idiotic Apple fanboys screaming about anything black and rectangular is a ‘copy of teh iPhone!!!’.”

    Bullshit! This is nothing more than Google completely and blatantly ripping off Microsoft’s Metro UI, and still failing miserably. This looks incredibly cluttered and hideous compared to WP7’s Metro UI.

    Looks like more lawsuits against Google incoming.

    • HalfwayCrook

      Your forgetting that wp7 is HIDEOUS in itself. Your home screen/UI consists of 6 or 7 green/orange/red boxes…. whoopdi fucking do. Android or GTFO

    • Pai Zuri


      Microsoft’s garbage cellphone OS is so bad that even 500 million dollars on marketing, PR, and paying minimum wage marketing drones to sit around in Android forums pretending to ‘OMG!!! love my Windows Phone!!!” and Microsoft’s marketshare is falling like a rock.

      Gee, how shocking. A cellphone OS that’s main features are:

      * Gimped features compared to the industry leading Android

      * A shitty and bizarre UI

      * Links up with Microsoft garbage, last place in worldwide sales RRoD plagued Xbox 360

      • Bryon Letterman

        explain how the Xbox 360 is plagued…this should be interesting. some people bitch nonstop about how LIVE costs but then at the same time I know more people that primarily play Xbox as opposed to PS3. the only reason besides Metal Gear Solid 4 that I even bought a PS3 was because it reads Blu Rays.

  • Dustin DeRyke

    Works on the EVO 3D, sadly no 3D content in the movies though

  • Jerrod Schultz

    Anyone’s “Video” app crashing? – Stock TB

    • Chris Chavez

      Working perfect on the Evo 3D. Uploading a video showing it off right now..

      • Adam Montas

        damn how many phone u going to get? g1,xperia play,droid and evo 4g and 3d? just to let u know the 4g and 3d is the same just that u need to hack the 4g to sense ui 3.0 os roms out their so that was a waste of money from your part.

  • Damon Lewis

    I don’t want to update to this.


  • mwaterous

    If anybody truly thinks that a grid based design pattern is something new to Windows and Metro UI, I have an excellent Bridge App on the market I’d like to sell you.

  • spearman792

    Works great on my DX, and I like it a ton better than the old market

  • RSN80

    maybe i’m an idiot, but I had an app that needed updating and couldn’t find the update button it only had open and uninstall

    • Psylocke0834

      you’re not the only one. it’s been doing it on mine…i will have to uninstall it and wait for the official update. :(

    • Chris Chavez

      Worked perfect for me. Updated 7 apps just now…

  • Jerry Hildenbrand

    God damn. You steal my content (even my screenshot) and don’t even bother to link back.

    Nice edit.

    • chris125


      • Tim242

        You’ve got some nerve…you whine every day, all day on DL.

        • chris125

          I don’t whine you must just make some dumb comments like on here. Ha you want some cheese for that whine??:)

    • ScottColbert

      Have some cheese with that whine, jerry.

    • Chris Chavez

      Didn’t want to address this here BUT I’ll go ahead and remind you why you shouldn’t ASSUME…

      I received the app from a friend on Gtalk who got the app (like everyone else did) from someone on Twitter, who possibly got the app from your post? Not sure and I don’t really care where they got it. The new Market worked great on my phone and I wrote up the post and posted like a minute after your guys’ went up. Never saw your post til after mine was already posted.

      But — after seeing your comment, I then went back to Twitter, found the ORIGINAL guy who extracted and uploaded the new Market (who you forgot to source), got HIS app and uploaded it to my personal file sharing account so there is nothing from this post that is “your’s.” In fact, there is nothing from your own post that is actually your’s. Not the pics (Google Mobile Blog) and not the app (not sure where you received it).

      But you’re a loose cannon, Jerry. I like that. <3

      • Chance Mayfield


      • Michael Williams


    • Jackson Gourley

      HAHAHAH I have seen this screen shot on about 20 android sites.. It deff is not “your content” get real

      • chris125

        he complains about all that he is a mod on another site and likes to assert his power that he has being a mod.

    • BinaryBulge

      Way to drum up some hits to your Twitter. I, for one, will stop visiting the site you write for because of your behavior. Phandroid is better anyway.

      • David Mathisen

        At least the other site works on the weekend :P

        • Chris Chavez

          You’s cold as ice! ;D

  • Sasha Chh

    Can’t download anything with it on G2

  • Adam Benhassen

    Not my type.

  • ogurlpls

    o gurllll im downloadin dis as we speak!

  • chris125

    Im liking the new icon!

  • gopmatt

    Works great, looks great on Tmobile USA, HTC Sensation

  • Jack Kramer

    work great on the dell streak, i knew there was a reason for dell streak!!! there is no 1.99$ movie in the market!!

  • Carmen Diva

    Lol, it’s truly sad that people have to bash WP7.
    Yes, I get it and I know Android is great. We all
    know that.

    But does your fanboyism run THAT DEEP that
    you are blind to see that this new market does look
    exactly like Metro :)

    I’m not complaining. I love it

    • Guest

      LOL, Carmen, I remember you from the ‘other’ forum. You went through every phone under the sun (pre, incredible, droidx, evo, iphone 4, etc etc) I thought you were an iPhone convert? LOL.

  • Bionic

    Mine says “download not successful file not supported by this phone”

    • Bionic

      my phone seems to think its a text document or smoething. it does nothing accept say “this file is not supported” i tried downloading it onto my netbook and e mailing it to myself but it only gives me the “preview” option to open the file

      • Tim242

        Go into astro and change the extension to .apk

    • Tim242

      Go into astro and change the extension to .apk

      • Bionic

        im sorry but what the hell is astro?

        • Squrite_Squad

          A file manager on the market, its free. Once your there, locate the file and long press and you should be able to rename the file and just put “.apk” at the ending and then install it to your device ^-^

  • Phillip

    It wouldn’t download on my G2 through the phone browser, so I just downloaded the .apk to my computer and then moved it over to my phone and it worked fine.

    • Bionic

      mine wont even do that for me. where did u get the apk? maybe im getting it from the wrong place

      • Phillip

        Mirror link from XDA —->

        • Bionic

          whatever you just sent me wants me to download some dumb program first. im not into that

          • Phillip

            Ok, didn’t know you weren’t familiar with these sites. Here’s a direct link to hotfile ,click on “regular download.” You’ll have to then wait for 15 seconds and then enter the captcha, and then click “click here to download.” That will download the .apk file to your computer. No “program,” just the .apk file. If you’re “not cool” with doing things this way, just wait for the official version to show up on your phone.

  • excedio

    Didn’t they just release a new market like five minutes ago?

  • Phillip

    Ok, to help with some of the confusion, here’s a full description of what I did and what other people might need to do. First, if you don’t already have a file manager app, download one. I use Astro. I couldn’t get the file to install onto my G2 from the browser at all. I tried changing the file name in Astro, it was giving me some trouble, so I just downloaded the .apk file to my computer and then moved it over to my G2, opened it with Astro and installed the new market.

    The mirror link for the .apk is here (from XDA) —>

  • Tiffany

    Seems to be working fine for me. HTC Incredible.

  • Squrite_Squad

    It works for mine. All I did was before I downloaded the APK, I deleted the spaces that were on the file name and it works perfect. Sprint HTC Hero CM7

    • Squrite_Squad

      PS: The new widget is pretty damn awesome

      • Squrite_Squad

        PPS: Wow the new market uses 16MB of RAM

    • Chris Chavez

      Yeah, I tried to change the title but changed the file name by accident. Re-uploaded and everything should be 100% again =)

  • j s

    You people complaining about windows os are retarded. You do realise almost every single samsung and HTC (not sure of otheres) running android pays microsoft royalties for that device and the patents they’ve used from MS. Either way they are making their money out of you idiots.

  • OMFCody

    Works on my DHD 2.3.3

  • offdayjb

    this is working better than any previous Android Market. thx guys!! -Nexus S 2.3.4

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Can’t get it to install on my Droid 2 Global running Fission. When installing, it just says “Application not installed.” Any ideas?

  • Lucienne Schmidt

    LOL… available on 2.2 and above. I’m glad I ditched my POS android; the level of fragmentation was killing me.

    • M_1

      Now if you’d only ditch the Android sites, the rest of us wouldn’t have to read your irrelevant crap.

  • Paul Browning

    hmmm where’s the button to go directly to MyApps ?

    Updating stuff is the main reason i go into Market and I suspect I’m not alone so forcing me to go through the menu every time I want to do that is not a welcome change.

  • Venu

    That was insanely fast. I gave a try :)

  • B2L

    Working great on my Nexus S, the new market looks great.

  • Joshua Bass

    This will not install for me.. Liberty Droid X 2.3.3. It keeps saying “Application not installed”. I downloaded from several of the sources and still no dice.

  • Adam Montas

    Its works on my original droid. Droid does here

  • DavidEssex

    Thanks! No Jerry’s ice cream for me. ;o)

  • Jacob Penner

    Thanks, got it working on my Sensation

  • Host X9

    It can’t be more awesome then it is ^________^

    It’s unusable (force closing all the time on HTC Desire with CM7) but still its charm and great feeling when you see all the others went completely green of envy, is definitively worth a try :P

  • JulianZHuang

    this isnt a hack/malware infected app right? will my billing info save?

  • Gurpreet Singh

    loving the new market place Thank you for the info and link

  • Jared Caliendo for file hosting.

  • Henrik Rasmussen

    Used the link to install on my Samsung 10.1 tablet. Looks good. Works fine.