Sprint Receives 9 Subpoenas Over Opposition To AT&T’s T-Mobile Bid


Sprint has been anything but quiet when it comes to the possible AT&T/T-Mobile merger. Well, according to Reuters, Sprint has received subpoenas from Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, as well as from the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice in regards to its opposition to the merger. Sprint said in its letter that the states have asked the company to provide all the materials it had submitted to FCC regarding AT&T’s deal.

Currently the #3 wireless carrier in the U.S., Sprint is working with 18 state regulators to block AT&T’s proposed $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile USA. Sprint feels that the merger will give too much competitive power to one company seeing how the acquisition would bump AT&T up to #1.

An AT&T spokesperson told Bloomberg that AT&T had also received subpoenas from the same nine states regarding its proposed T-Mobile acquisition. AT&T has also gone on the record saying they are confident of winning regulatory approval for the merger and is currently on schedule for a March approval next year.

[Via Reuters]

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  1. Hey shareholders, we’re confident our lobbyists will win this in your favor.

  2. +1 to Sprint
    Long Live T-Mobile!

  3. T-Mobile is going to be sold to someone.

    1. What!? That’s preposterous!!

    2. I would wish for Google to buy tmobile and Make G-Mobile

      1. That would be epic!

  4. sprint is just doing this because they got mad they tried to buy tmo and got turned down.

  5. I would prefer for t-mobile to buy AT&T. T-Mobile has done amazing things in the last 2-3 years. If they could apply those things across AT&T’s footprint it would be a great company. But I fear what AT&T will do to the good things about T-Mo.

  6. Give it up already Sprint. it’s getting old

  7. don’t stop Sprint….AT&T won’t Win….. i want TMO the way it is

  8. I wish someone who cared about T-mobile customers, their devices and their plans would buy T-mobile. I can’t figure out why Sprint cares. I am a T-mobile customer, but I would not upgrade from my N1 knowing that in about a year, it’s data network will be pillaged by ATT.

    1. Actually, on the Tmo website, it shows the since both AT&T and Tmo use GSM, AT&T will own Tmo’s towers in the US since the international Tmo won’t need them and AT&T’s service will increase. And it would be an easy job for them to do since, again they both use GSM. So…

      And for the “care for customers” part. If you’re on a Tmo contract, whoever buys Tmo, you will keep your contract as it is. Nothing will change when the new company takes over. That’s one of the rules with the buyout. So you should like upgrade right before if you still want the cheap price for another 2 years.

      1. The problem is the bands they operate on. Phones that work for T-Mobile’s 3G frequencies won’t work on AT&T’s 3G, they’ll be stuck on just EDGE speeds.

    2. It’s a gamble to upgrade.. But I live in Reno, so I upgraded last month.. If it all goes bad I figure I’ll only have about 8 months left on the contract before the loss of 3/4 G would realistically happen.. Living for today, if it happens it happens.. doesn’t mean I am not rooting against the merger though.

  9. More power to Sprint

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