Omar Khan (The Godfather of Galaxy) Resigns as Samsung’s CPO/CTO


Don’t look now, but the man who started Samsung’s push into the Android space is about to leave the company. Omar Khan, Samsung’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, has decided to resign from his duties at Samsung and instead are taking his talents to South Bea– I mean, CitiGroup. His position there will have him overseeing Citigroup’s mobile strategy. This means he’s still close to Android, and may be as close as he’s ever been. As you know, Citigroup is a main partner signed on with Google Wallet.

Omar Khan is responsible for Samsung’s aggressive dominance in the Android market, from the low-end game to bringing in perhaps one of the best series of smartphones Android has seen yet, the Galaxy S (and S II) line of phones. He was also responsible for the company’s tablet push. Omar Khan was obviously a key component of Samsung’s strategy and it’s strange, after all this time and success, to see him go. We wish him the best, of course, but it has us wondering about Samsung Mobile’s future.

Obviously they don’t want to divert too far from the groundwork that Omar has laid out. Still, there’s no telling how much his departure will affect Samsung Mobile in the grand scheme of things. It’ll be an interesting 2nd half of 2011, for sure. As for Omar, his exciting new venture with CitiGroup begins next week. [The DROID Guy]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I can’t help but look! There’s a giant picture of him right there

  2. Samsung is doomed now. Citigroup is a bank, aren’t they? I guess they offered him more money. I can’t blame him. I doubt Citigroup is having any financial troubles in this economy.


    1. Apparently, his really is….the superior intellect.

    2. ya forgot to say Genghis

  4. While I’m sure one guy can provide “some” influence and direction to Samsung’s products, I find it hard to believe that without this guy, they would have produced a completely different product. After all, there were probably hundred’s of people working under him each with the authority to make decisions appropriate for their seniority in the company. I’m sure Khan only had involvement in the top level decisions:

    Khan: “Let’s go with this shade of black”


    1. Did you see where Apple was heading before Steve Jobs got back on board? Not saying Khan is just like Steve Jobs. Just a thought on the “one man making a difference”. Apple was and would be in the toilet if he hadn’t come back.

    2. anyone who’s worked in the industry knows, idea does not just stem from 1 individual. It’s a team work. Even in Steves case, while he might have lead the team, the ideas are from the whole dept not just from 1 him.

      1. Your kind of adding to the point, if the team is not lead in the right direction, than all of the talent and work goes to waste. Sometimes a single person can have a dramatic effect.

  5. wtf does this have to do with the article you dip shit. Im never going to that link. Flagged. I see your faggot ass say the same old shit again and agin on other blogs.

  6. the first galaxy phone was trash, & i’m sure he didn’t have much influence after that. good riddance

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