Jul 11th, 2011

Don’t look now, but the man who started Samsung’s push into the Android space is about to leave the company. Omar Khan, Samsung’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, has decided to resign from his duties at Samsung and instead are taking his talents to South Bea– I mean, CitiGroup. His position there will have him overseeing Citigroup’s mobile strategy. This means he’s still close to Android, and may be as close as he’s ever been. As you know, Citigroup is a main partner signed on with Google Wallet.

Omar Khan is responsible for Samsung’s aggressive dominance in the Android market, from the low-end game to bringing in perhaps one of the best series of smartphones Android has seen yet, the Galaxy S (and S II) line of phones. He was also responsible for the company’s tablet push. Omar Khan was obviously a key component of Samsung’s strategy and it’s strange, after all this time and success, to see him go. We wish him the best, of course, but it has us wondering about Samsung Mobile’s future.

Obviously they don’t want to divert too far from the groundwork that Omar has laid out. Still, there’s no telling how much his departure will affect Samsung Mobile in the grand scheme of things. It’ll be an interesting 2nd half of 2011, for sure. As for Omar, his exciting new venture with CitiGroup begins next week. [The DROID Guy]

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