Need a Closer Look at TouchWiz on the Galaxy Tab? Watch This Video

Our friends at Samsung have just published a new video showing off their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The tablet’s been out for some time now, and we have even published a review of it, but this is the first time we’ve seen TouchWiz demonstrated in such details. Notable changes since we’ve seen TouchWiz at CTIA are the settings menu and the ability to resize TouchWiz widgets. The latter change likely came as a response to the release of Android 3.1 at Google I/O. In any case, if you’re wondering which UI – stock or TouchWiz – to choose when Samsung makes the updates available, this video is the perfect tool to help you with your decision. Watch it above.

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  • Dan

    Besides being the best tablet currently out, TouchWiz will only make it more appealing to those who are curious about Android. I am totally stoked that I decided to buy the 10.1 instead of the Xoom or the iPad.

  • HalfwayCrook

    I dont care how “less intrusive” people think touchwiz is. Touchwiz still sucks in my book. Stock or gtfo

  • Brian

    after watching this video I am glad I got the xoom

  • John Crossno

    Nice video. They used the 7-inch tablet at one point. I have the 10.1, and there’s no way you can hold the 10.1 in one hand, with your fingers wrapping around both sides. Also, they showed a model that had a slot for an SD card next to the headphone plug. That would be nice. It was too thing to be the 10.1v, but maybe it was. I wish mine had that feature :-).

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I’ve palmed the 10.1 with one hand. I do have really large hands, though.

  • Jean-Paul Detiege

    So is Touch Wiz the same as or similar to the Galaxy S II UI?

  • Jdog25

    Something tells me that the new LauncherPro is going to make this look real bad.

  • richylowestoft

    when we get this in the uk will we have to use the Touch Wiz or can we just keep it Android? or can we use both of them? can any one help?

  • Damon Lewis

    “No need to convert your media” yea right. I hope Touchwiz fixes the fact that the tablet can barely play any kind of media format.

  • androidica

    They forgot to mention no SD card…glad I have the Xoom.

  • MrDSL