TI OMAP4 First to be Netflix HD Certified


Getting tired of Netflix looking like total crap on your mobile device? It looks like they’re about ready to change all of that as they have begun their Netflix HD certification program and signed Texas Instruments up to be the first with official certification. Their OMAP4 platform is the one getting the honor, but there are no devices that can be had publicly available with this chipset. We expect at least one new Motorola device, the DROID 3, to have it and that phone is said to be here sometime this month. Let’s hope it’s on the list of certified devices to enjoy Netflix’s content in full 1080p. [via DL]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Actually, no. It looks absolutely beautiful on my Hummingbird Vibrant. Everyone who looks at it says it’s quite watchable. Even with my Video Out Cable on a Standard Def TV, there’s no discernable difference between my phone and my Wii.

    1. Yeah , considering that the wii has the worst possible resolution , what you are saying is in a totally different quality class from the one mentioned above. 1080p >>> 480p !!

      1. If 480p looks like crap on your HD set Chriskin, you have a crappy HD TV.

        1. It’s just that i am accustomed to a 1080p display, not a 480p one. It’s not that i have a crappy tv, it is that you haven’t used a real one . 1080p tvs start from 300-400 euros (something around 400-500 dollars, if you are at the other side of the river) – just buy one, use it for a month or so and try watching that terrible 480p again. my wii just collects dust because of its low image quality…

    2. That’s really strange, every Netflix video on my Nexus S comes out looking like complete crap, it’s not even watchable.

      1. Not on mine it doesn’t, it is crystal clear.

        1. Even on my Droid X1 its fine.

  2. It already looks pretty clear to me even while getting a slow 3G signal.

    All I want to know is where is the tablet version already.

  3. Don’t you mean “a slightly out of the ordinary Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP4”?

  4. Yeah, Netflix looks great on my DX. I’ve shown it to several people who have all been very impressed.

  5. Doesn’t the LG Optimus 3D have this chip?

  6. I don’t know where all the complaints are coming from. Netflix runs flawlessly on my OG EVO and 3VO.

  7. You can stream HD content over 3G?

    1. 4G?

  8. Am I the only one thinking its a bit of a coincidence that the Nexus Prime has been rumoured to have an OMAP4 and HD screen?

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